Stockholm Public Library

Stockholm Public Library: The Pioneer of Open Public Libraries in Sweden

Right on the corner of two major avenues, Sveavägen and Odengatan, in what can be considered the modern city centre of Stockholm, stands one of the most notable contemporary buildings in the city. Stockholm Public Library building is more often than not regarded as an architectural masterpiece. As a pioneering project, it was meant to serve as an example for open public libraries in Sweden where this concept had not existed before.Read more

Ulvsunda Castle

Ulvsunda Castle: A Historic Noble Residence in Bromma, Stockholm

I find it fascinating how even an innocent walk in your hometown can turn into an experience that will last a lifetime. Although I have spent a considerable period of time living in Stockholm’s green borough of Bromma, it was only recently during a weekend stroll that I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most impressive sights in this part of the city in person for the first time.Read more

Belvedere in Vienna

Vienna, Austria: Places I have Visited and Recommend – Part 1

Despite having visited Vienna on more than a couple of occasions, I am far from being a local. Therefore, you could certainly find more qualified people to tell you about the hidden gems of the beautiful Austrian capital. What I set out to do in this post is to tell you a little bit more about the places that I have visited during my stays, especially those that I particularly enjoyed and would visit again.Read more