8 Things to Know About Stockholm - Featured image

8 Things to Know About Stockholm (Or 8 Why’s of Stockholm)

Some time ago, I went on a search for the most common questions people have about Stockholm online and made some pretty interesting discoveries. Having discovered a few rather intriguing ones starting with ‘why,’ I thought it would be fun to try and answer them from my perspective as someone who has been exploring the city for several years now and who has spent plenty of time sharing his experiences with others.Read more

Introduction to Barcelona: The City of Hilltop Parks and Architecture

Visited by many, though explored by few, Barcelona is a city of contrasts. A city with a rich history and lively, perhaps even turbulent present. The capital of Catalunya is much more than the home of Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, and Parc Güell, however, and if you want to go past the obvious, be in the know when visiting the city, then this post is a good place to start.Read more

Bibliotekshaven garden in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark: Places I have Visited and Recommend

Although there was a time when I could call myself a local in Copenhagen, I would not dare to claim that I know all areas of the Danish capital very well. This post, therefore, does not aim to be your ‘top places to see in Copenhagen’ guide as much as it is meant to provide you with some hints on interesting areas to explore and awe-inspiring places to visit from the perspective of someone who has spent more than a couple of short days in the city.Read more

Stockholm Public Library

Stockholm Public Library: The Pioneer of Open Public Libraries in Sweden

Right on the corner of two major avenues, Sveavägen and Odengatan, in what can be considered the modern city centre of Stockholm, stands one of the most notable contemporary buildings in the city. Stockholm Public Library building is more often than not regarded as an architectural masterpiece. As a pioneering project, it was meant to serve as an example for open public libraries in Sweden where this concept had not existed before.Read more