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Katarina Church
Katarina Church is the Sweden's first central-plan church and a prominent representative of baroque architecture in Stockholm originally built in the late 17th century.
Wrangel Palace in Stockholm

Wrangel Palace: The Opulent Noble Residence Turned Into a Court

The Era of the Swedish Empire was a perfect time to be a Swedish nobleman. It is not that being a member of the House of Nobility during other historical periods was no good but there is a reason why so many noble palaces in Stockholm come from the 1600s. While things were going great for many, only a few could be compared to the accomplished general from the Thirty Years’ War Carl Gustaf Wrangel.Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Sights to Make You Want to Visit Bromma in Stockholm

In this episode of Places of interest, we explore the Bromma Borough in the western part of Stockholm. The places I show you in this post are spread out across the borough which makes it difficult to visit them all at once. However, I believe they are all worth seeing so even if you are not staying in Bromma or do not feel like having a several-hour-long walk, you can always come to Bromma several times.Read more