Ulvsunda Castle

Ulvsunda Castle: A Historic Noble Residence in Bromma, Stockholm

I find it fascinating how even an innocent walk in your hometown can turn into an experience that will last a lifetime. Although I have spent a considerable period of time living in Stockholm’s green borough of Bromma, it was only recently during a weekend stroll that I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most impressive sights in this part of the city in person for the first time.Read more

Belvedere in Vienna

Vienna, Austria: Places I have Visited and Recommend – Part 1

Despite having visited Vienna on more than a couple of occasions, I am far from being a local. Therefore, you could certainly find more qualified people to tell you about the hidden gems of the beautiful Austrian capital. What I set out to do in this post is to tell you a little bit more about the places that I have visited during my stays, especially those that I particularly enjoyed and would visit again.Read more

Volksgarten park in Vienna

Introduction to Vienna, Austria: The City of Elegance, Art, and Music

Right at the beginning of this post in which I introduce you to the city of Vienna, its atmosphere, some of my favourite places, and more, I must make a confession. Vienna has long been close to my heart. Growing up, the Austrian capital was a real metropolis I would get to visit from time to time. It had everything I imagined a proper big city should have. A rich history, mindboggling architecture, excellent public transport, diversity……Read more