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Vasabron bridge in Stockholm

Vasabron: The Bridge that Has Withstood More than You Think

I have previously introduced you to a couple of the most interesting historical bridges in central Stockholm including the Norrbro, Riksbron, and Djurgårdsbron. In this post, it is time to discover yet another intriguing story of a bridge allowing Stockholmers and visitors alike to move from one island forming the ‘Venice of the North’ to another.Read more

The Kaknäs Tower in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 10 of the Tallest Buildings in Stockholm

Essentially every city around the world needs to have at least a few unique, tall buildings to be considered a modern metropolis. Stockholm most certainly is a modern city, thanks to which I can bring you the selection of my favourite structures that belong to the tallest in the Swedish capital.Read more

Axel Oxenstierna Palace in Stockholm

Oxenstierna Palace: The Residence of Sweden’s Most Influential Man

Being an important state official living in Stockholm in the 17th century essentially meant that one needed to not only focus on the daily tasks associated with their position, but also the appearances they projected to the rest of the world. Fortunately, the drive toward building the largest, most expensive and overall greatest structures possible is not just a phenomenon of modern times. Therefore, we can enjoy some extraordinary historical places today that were left behind by important historical figures centuries ago.Read more

The Italian Terrace at Bergius Botanic Garden

Bergius Botanic Garden: A Beautiful Retreat from the City Rush

There is no doubt that there are a plenty of green places all around Stockholm where you can take a little break and enjoy the summer sitting on a bench or lying on nice lawns. However, it is never a bad idea to take your retreat from the rush of the city one step further and go to some place that feels completely detached from the daily struggles of life. Welcome to the Bergius Botanic Garden!…Read more

Trygger's Villa in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 7 Places near the Diplomatic City in Stockholm

In this week’s episode of Places of Interest, we explore a truly special neighbourhood in Stockholm. This place might be easy to miss in the abundance of beautiful and popular areas in the city but I can guarantee you that if you are a fan of luxurious estates, promenades in nature and/or seaside areas, you will love this place, too.Read more

Gate at the Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm

The Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm: Where Nature Blends with Art

There are certain categories of places and attractions that people usually think of seeing when travelling and visiting new places. Castles, churches, squares, monuments, museums, gardens… These are all spots we use to go to when discovering cities. However, once in a while you can come across a place so unusual that you wouldn’t normally think of visiting it. What if I told you there was a forest-like cemetery you should totally see? Read more

Van der Noot Palace in Stockholm

Van der Noot Palace: The Most Beautiful Palace on Stockholm’s Södermalm

The seventeenth century was the time of great prosperity for Sweden and its capital, Stockholm, in particular. Many of the most stunning palaces in the city come from this period and while most of them are located in the Old Town (Gamla stan), you might be surprised to find some beautiful historic sites in other parts of the city, too. In this post, we look at the Van der Noot Palace (van der Nootska palatset) on the island of Södermalm. Read more

Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 10 Stockholm Theatres to See During the Summer Break

Stockholm offers a large number and variety of cultural venues to choose from. As I have recently introduced you to the magnificent building of the Royal Dramatic Theatre, I thought I would also show you other notable theatres in the Swedish capital. Although you will not be able to enjoy any performances during the summer break, the theatres you will find below are worth knowing about not only because of their beautiful houses, but also for their interesting stories.Read more

The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten) in Stockholm

Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm: Sweden’s Most Adorned Building

The Royal Dramatic Theatre, or Dramaten as it is colloquially known, is a building that you can hardly miss if you walk around the more modern parts of the Stockholm’s city centre. As you will shortly see, there are many good reasons for admiring this eye-catching construction but as usual, we start with a little background story. Read more

Eric Ericson Hall (Eric Ericsonhallen) in Stockholm

Skeppsholmen Church: The Remarkable Building from the Early 1800s

Skeppsholmen Church (Skeppsholmskyrka), or as it may be called today, Eric Ericson Hall (Eric Ericsonhallen), is one of the notable buildings on the city landscape of Stockholm that many of you may know from pictures and movies. However, its characteristic shape might never have existed had a few interesting things not happened. In this post, I, therefore, not only tell you what you can see at Skeppsholmen Church today but also how the building turned out the way it did. Read more