Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm

Royal Swedish Opera: The Institution Founded by an Art-Loving King

Performing arts are and have long been an integral part of life in major cities around the globe. In its early days, every form of art had to be supported by either a large enough part of society or a few important individuals such as aristocrats and royals to catch on. In Sweden, one such individual was King Gustav III who is to thank for establishing several major artistic institutions in the country including the Royal Swedish Opera whose story we look at in this post.Read more

The Diplomatic City: the Neighbourhood Filled with Exclusive Villas

The Östermalm district in Stockholm is formed by many beautiful neighbourhoods that make a visit to this area a delightful experience. It is also why we cover this district extensively at Trevl so that you do not miss any interesting corner of the district made famous worldwide especially by its exclusive water-front promenade Strandvägen. In this post, I tell you the story of a neighbourhood located right next to this popular boulevard.Read more

Floragatan 14 in Stockholm Featured Image

Places of Interest: 10 Stunning Buildings at Lärkstaden in Stockholm

One of the greatest things about visiting and living in Stockholm is how many different faces the city has. Sure, there is something that connects all the unique parts of the city but distinct areas and districts still manage to keep their uniqueness and surprise their visitors with original architecture, landscapes, or atmosphere. In this episode of Places of Interest, we look at an informal area located in the north-western part of the Östermalm district known as Lärkstaden.Read more

Engelbrekt Church in Stockholm

Engelbrekt Church: The Dominant Church in Östermalm in Stockholm

On the streets located in and around the north-western parts of the Stockholm’s Östermalm district, there are a plenty of notable examples of beautiful Swedish architecture from around the turn of the 20th century. The red-brick facades in the area create a unique environment that gives an exclusive impression to its visitors. In this post, we look at another remarkable structure standing in the neighbourhood, namely the Engelbrekt Church. Read more

Royal Institute of Technology Campus in Stockholm

Stockholm Campus of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

The Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan) in Stockholm belongs to the oldest and most traditional educational institutions in Sweden, especially in its field. While the main campus of the university, known simply as KTH, today accommodates only a relatively small part of the students and staff, it is a beautiful place to visit, which resembles traditional university environments from places such as the United Kingdom or from across the Atlantic Ocean.Read more

Oxenstiernsgatan in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 10 Stockholm Streets Named After Historical Figures

Names of streets of the cities we live in and visit do not only help us navigate through these cities but are also a popular way of recognizing and commemorating important persons from all different fields. However, we rarely think of the figures who gave their names to important streets in our cities, and their work and achievements. In this post, I show you a few interesting streets in Stockholm named after influential figures who lived during the most prosperous era in the history of Sweden.Read more

Vasabron bridge in Stockholm

Vasabron: The Bridge that Has Withstood More than You Think

I have previously introduced you to a couple of the most interesting historical bridges in central Stockholm including the Norrbro, Riksbron, and Djurgårdsbron. In this post, it is time to discover yet another intriguing story of a bridge allowing Stockholmers and visitors alike to move from one island forming the ‘Venice of the North’ to another.Read more

The Kaknäs Tower in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 10 of the Tallest Buildings in Stockholm

Essentially every city around the world needs to have at least a few unique, tall buildings to be considered a modern metropolis. Stockholm most certainly is a modern city, thanks to which I can bring you the selection of my favourite structures that belong to the tallest in the Swedish capital.Read more

Axel Oxenstierna Palace in Stockholm

Oxenstierna Palace: The Residence of Sweden’s Most Influential Man

Being an important state official living in Stockholm in the 17th century essentially meant that one needed to not only focus on the daily tasks associated with their position, but also the appearances they projected to the rest of the world. Fortunately, the drive toward building the largest, most expensive and overall greatest structures possible is not just a phenomenon of modern times. Therefore, we can enjoy some extraordinary historical places today that were left behind by important historical figures centuries ago.Read more

The Italian Terrace at Bergius Botanic Garden

Bergius Botanic Garden: A Beautiful Retreat from the City Rush

There is no doubt that there are a plenty of green places all around Stockholm where you can take a little break and enjoy the summer sitting on a bench or lying on nice lawns. However, it is never a bad idea to take your retreat from the rush of the city one step further and go to some place that feels completely detached from the daily struggles of life. Welcome to the Bergius Botanic Garden!…Read more

Trygger's Villa in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 7 Places near the Diplomatic City in Stockholm

In this week’s episode of Places of Interest, we explore a truly special neighbourhood in Stockholm. This place might be easy to miss in the abundance of beautiful and popular areas in the city but I can guarantee you that if you are a fan of luxurious estates, promenades in nature and/or seaside areas, you will love this place, too.Read more

Gate at the Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm

The Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm: Where Nature Blends with Art

There are certain categories of places and attractions that people usually think of seeing when travelling and visiting new places. Castles, churches, squares, monuments, museums, gardens… These are all spots we use to go to when discovering cities. However, once in a while you can come across a place so unusual that you wouldn’t normally think of visiting it. What if I told you there was a forest-like cemetery you should totally see? Read more

Van der Noot Palace in Stockholm

Van der Noot Palace: The Most Beautiful Palace on Stockholm’s Södermalm

The seventeenth century was the time of great prosperity for Sweden and its capital, Stockholm, in particular. Many of the most stunning palaces in the city come from this period and while most of them are located in the Old Town (Gamla stan), you might be surprised to find some beautiful historic sites in other parts of the city, too. In this post, we look at the Van der Noot Palace (van der Nootska palatset) on the island of Södermalm. Read more

Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 10 Stockholm Theatres to See During the Summer Break

Stockholm offers a large number and variety of cultural venues to choose from. As I have recently introduced you to the magnificent building of the Royal Dramatic Theatre, I thought I would also show you other notable theatres in the Swedish capital. Although you will not be able to enjoy any performances during the summer break, the theatres you will find below are worth knowing about not only because of their beautiful houses, but also for their interesting stories.Read more

The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten) in Stockholm

Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm: Sweden’s Most Adorned Building

The Royal Dramatic Theatre, or Dramaten as it is colloquially known, is a building that you can hardly miss if you walk around the more modern parts of the Stockholm’s city centre. As you will shortly see, there are many good reasons for admiring this eye-catching construction but as usual, we start with a little background story. Read more

Eric Ericson Hall (Eric Ericsonhallen) in Stockholm

Skeppsholmen Church: The Remarkable Building from the Early 1800s

Skeppsholmen Church (Skeppsholmskyrka), or as it may be called today, Eric Ericson Hall (Eric Ericsonhallen), is one of the notable buildings on the city landscape of Stockholm that many of you may know from pictures and movies. However, its characteristic shape might never have existed had a few interesting things not happened. In this post, I, therefore, not only tell you what you can see at Skeppsholmen Church today but also how the building turned out the way it did. Read more

Royal College of Music in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 7 Places to Admire Modern Architecture in Stockholm

Generally, city visitors tend to give more importance to historical places when they are choosing spots to visit. While history and its creations are often fascinating, I believe, we should not overlook modern places around us and their stories. In this post, you will, therefore, find the most beautiful pieces of modern architecture you can see in Stockholm.Read more

Tantolunden in Stockholm

Tantolunden and Vitabergsparken: The Largest Hill Parks on Södermalm

Hill parks are unique places in the city landscape of the Swedish capital. They offer a plenty of greenery, stunning views and overall pleasant areas for the residents as well as visitors of Stockholm. I have previously introduced you to a few of these parks and the general story of their creation but I left out those located on the Södermalm island, which we discover in this post instead. Read more

Stockholm City Hall (Stockholm Stadshus) in Stockholm

National Romantic Architecture and Where to Find it in Stockholm

In this post, we look at the architectural style that became most characteristic of Sweden especially in the latter half of the nineteenth century as well as in the early years of the twentieth. Apart from the style itself, I show you the most notable buildings where you can observe all its elements. Read more

Narvavägen 19 in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Top 10 Avenues to See in Stockholm

Some types of places are inseparable from big cities and at the same time, they can hardly be found in smaller towns. One such type is wide avenues where long, green tree alleys surround busy roads and thousands of people cross paths with one another every day. In this post, I show you the most beautiful avenues in Stockholm. At each and every place included in my list, you will get the chance to admire some interesting architecture, experience the busyness of the Swedish capital, and explore the way the locals live. Read more

Hornstull Library in Stockholm

Most Beautiful Libraries to Visit in Stockholm

Libraries are the kind of place that you can find in almost every major city in developed countries around the world. Not only that, but they come in all shapes and sizes and in Stockholm, for instance, there are a few that are particularly interesting to visit, if only from the architectural viewpoint. In this post, we discover a few Stockholm libraries with unique stories. Read more

St James' Church in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Top 10 Churches To Visit in Stockholm

Stockholm, like many other major cities, is full of monumental churches, which show the best of historical architecture. Thanks to the long history of the city, you can admire varying architectural styles from different eras, sometimes even at the same church. Now, let’s have a look at the list of my favourite churches in the Swedish capital.Read more

Stockholm Court House in Stockholm

Stockholm Court House: The Building Personifying Everything Swedish

If you had the chance to visit the Kungsholmen island only a little more than a hundred years ago, you would have seen a completely different scenery from what you can find on the island today. I have previously told you the stories of two major constructions that were built in this part of Stockholm in the early 1900s and now it is time to get to know another one.Read more

Piper Wall's Garden in Stockholm

Piperska muren: What Survived from the Prettiest Garden in Stockholm

Walking through the Kungsholmen island in Stockholm, you will not find many places that date back longer than to the second half of the nineteenth century. However, there is at least one place between the beautiful residential buildings and impressive constructions housing public institutions, that still carries at least parts of its historic heritage. Read more

Royal College of Music in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 7 Universities in Stockholm You Want to See

Stockholm is a city offering a great variety of educational institutions where literally everyone can find something to their liking no matter if they are still only thinking about choosing a career or want to gain some extra skills. However, you do not need to be planning your future studies to enjoy the university campuses and that is why I show you the most interesting ones in the Swedish capital in this post. Read more

Stockholm Olympic Stadium in Stockholm

Stockholm Olympic Stadium: The One-of-a-kind Athletic Castle

There are many historical places in Stockholm that have witnessed a plenty of action during the past centuries. Some of them were even there when world’s unique ideas and institutions, such as the world’s first central bank, were formed. One building, though, has seen more action in the last one hundred years than probably any other, especially in one specific field – sports.Read more

Högalid Church in Stockholm

Högalid Church: One of the Brightest Examples of National Romanticism

In the latest episode of our weekly series Places of interest, I showed you my favourite places in the western part of Stockholm’s Södermalm, Hornstull. As I mentioned in that post, Högalid Church (Högalids kyrka) standing at the top of Högalid Hill is the most prominent attraction in the area and we should definitely discover it more thoroughly. Well, that is exactly what we are going to do in this post.Read more

Tantolunden in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 6 Places To See at Hornstull in Stockholm

City parts located off the conventional traveller path traditionally have a different atmosphere than those in the historical city centres. These are the places where one can explore the local way of life, see what the residential neighbourhoods are like, how the locals spend their days and enjoy the areas they live in. All of this is not to say that there are not any interesting places, historical or modern, that are worthy the travellers’ time. Read more

Strömgatan in Stockholm

Sager Palace: The Palace Turned into the Swedish Prime Minister’s Home

In Stockholm, like in so many other historical cities, it is not too hard to know which historical buildings come from the oldest eras of the city and which, on the other hand, are somewhat newer. However, Stockholm’s being located on several islands makes it even easier to distinguish the oldest core of the city from the rest. Read more

Story of Three Unique Hill Parks in Central Stockholm

The population of Stockholm was increasing rapidly in the latter half of the nineteenth century, what brought many issues that the authorities and the residents needed to tackle. One of them was the decreasing quality of public areas that were not designed to accommodate that many people. Bad air was also becoming an issue with the increase of traffic in the city. Read more

Polishusparken in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 6 of the Most Interesting Places on Kungsholmen

As it turns out, Kungsholmen is an island that has a plenty to offer no matter what kind of attractions you are looking for. I have shown you a few places that you should not miss in the eastern part of the island earlier, and we also looked at the most beautiful waterfront promenades in Stockholm, a few of which are located on Kungsholmen. In this episode of Places of interest, I want to bring a couple of more places on the eastern side of the island to your attention. Read more

Police House in Stockholm

Stockholm Police House: The Unknown Treasure on Kungsholmen

Apart from being an extraordinarily attractive residential area, the Kungsholmen island west of the heart of Stockholm is the home of some particularly beautiful administrative buildings. One of the most iconic ones, Stockholm City Hall, is located right at the edge of the island overlooking the Old Town. Further west, where many people never go, are the monumental Court House and the exquisite Police House that we discover in this post. Read more

Echo Temple in Stockholm

Hagaparken: Stokholm’s Oasis of Greenery with Royal Roots

As I showed you in an earlier post, Stockholm is full of nice parks where you can enjoy your summer days surrounded by an appealing combination of nature and eye-pleasing architecture. Many of these parks also have an interesting story to tell, some even have royal roots. All of that is true about Haga Park (Hagaparken), which I tell you everything about in this post.Read more

Thor's Fishing in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 6 Beautiful Fountains in Stockholm

Some places are better enjoyed during certain periods of the year than in others. That is why in this post, I bring you a selection of places that are definitely most enjoyable in summer. Fountains often form central parts of squares, plazas, and parks in major cities and Stockholm is not an exception. Despite the tradition of fountains in the Swedish capital only dating back to the latter half of the 19th century, today you can find a few in essentially every part of the city. Read more

Gustaf Vasa Church in Stockholm

Gustaf Vasa Church: The Biggest Church in Stockholm

In what is perhaps the most prominent location in the Vasastaden district in Stockholm, stands a church named after the legendary king Gustav Vasa, just like the district itself. Gustaf Vasa Church (Gustaf Vasa kyrka) is not the oldest church in the city, nor is it located in the historical heart of the Swedish capital. Though with its 1,500 seats, it is Stockholm’s largest place of worship and it was constructed during the era when large parts of Stockholm were shaped and many of the most beautiful buildings were built.Read more

Kungsträdgården in Stockholm

Places of Interest: The 8 Most Pleasant Parks to Visit in Stockholm

Sometimes the weather is nice even in Stockholm and what better way to enjoy it than to spend some quality time at the beautiful green places the city has to offer. Obviously, the selection of parks and gardens in the Swedish capital is rich and diverse but if you are looking for some of the most interesting ones, you came to the right place. In this post, I show you my favourite parks, most of which are close to the heart of the city.Read more

Humlegården in Stockholm

Humlegården: The Royal Garden Founded to Support Beer Production

There is no shortage of pleasant, green places in Stockholm. Even in the city centre, you can find a plenty of beautiful, diverse parks where you can enjoy the warm, sunny days when they arrive in the Swedish capital. Humlegården is one of the largest parks in central Stockholm, which has been in its place long before most of the places that surround it and even places that can be considered inseparable from the park today. Read more

Riddarholmen Panorama in Stockholm

Mariaberget: Stockholm Södermalm’s Area Where History Meets Present

Nearly every district and every island in Stockholm has its distinct style. In Södermalm, though, you can even find several different styles within the same district. Earlier, I have introduced you to the White Mountains borough, for example, which is a cultural preserve today. in this post, we look at a quite different area called Mariaberget (“Maria Hill”) on the northern edge of the island. Read more

Stureplan in Stockholm

Stureplan: An Exclusive and Popular Meeting Point in Central Stockholm

It may be hard to tell where the true centre of Stockholm is. Is it the medieval Old Town (Gamla stan)? Or is it Nybroplan where the famous Strandvägen begins? Perhaps it is Sergels torg with the huge House of Culture and a plenty of boutiques. Some would argue it is Stureplan where three major, prominent streets meet. Well, it seems that everyone can choose their own place in this unique city and consider it its centre. Stureplan, though, was and still is an important meeting point for many Stockholmers and it is time for us to look at why it is so.Read more

National Library of Sweden in Stockholm

The National Library of Sweden: More Than a Collection of Old Books

The National Library of Sweden (Kungliga biblioteket) is likely one of those places you would not normally pay any particular attention to. Sure, its historical building might catch your interest for a while but it is not too obvious at first sight how special the facilities in which the library resides are. Nor would you be able to see the impressive story behind the institution itself. In this post, we are going to discover both.Read more

Kvarteret Krubban in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 9 Beautiful Places in Östermalm, Stockholm

Östermalm is without a doubt one of the most exclusive parts of Stockholm. Its western border is roughly formed by likely the most exclusive boulevard in the city, Birger Jarlsgatan, it is the home of many splendid historic sites such as Oscar’s Church, and its southernmost part is formed by the world-famous Strandvägen. All of…Read more

Långholmen island in Stockholm

Långholmen: The Island Showing Off the Green Side of Stockholm

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is a unique city when compared to other European metropolises. Its geographic location is to a large extent responsible for its character, but it is not only the water that is so typical of the city. Another important characteristic of Stockholm is the abundance of greenery in and around the city centre.Read more

Bromma Church in Stockholm

Bromma Church: Nine Centuries of History in a Single Building

Recently, I have covered the origins of Stockholm and how it had become the most important city in the region. In that post, however, I only talked about the historical centre of the city where most of the action had happened. Perhaps surprisingly, though, some of the oldest buildings in the Swedish capital do not stand in the Old Town (Gamla stan) nor anywhere nearby.Read more

Tessin Palace in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 7 Stockholm Residences of Historical Figures

Cities of historical importance are places that hide some very characteristic locations that can hardly be found in other towns. Among other things, these cities were the homes of reigning monarchs, statesmen, and essentially all important social figures at least at some point in their lives. Stockholm is no exception and in this post, we…Read more

Kristineberg Palace in Stockholm

Stock Photos Weekly #12: Portals in Stockholm

In this week’s episode of Stock photos weekly, we bring you a few of the best-looking portals in Stockholm. I have covered some of them when I talked about portals in Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla stan) but not all of our stock images come from this little island as there are many interesting entrances all…Read more

Panorama of Riddarholmen in Stockholm

The Origins of Stockholm: When, How, and Why Was it Founded?

Here at Trevl, we talk a lot about individual places you can visit in Stockholm. We often look at their history since the stories behind these places and people who shaped them help us understand why they turned out to be the way they did and why they are considered prominent or valuable. In this post, I take you all the way to the foundation of the Swedish capital and explain when Stockholm was founded, by whom, and why it happened in the first place. Read more

Facade of the Rosendal Palace in Stockholm

Rosendal Palace: The Summer Royal Residence Hidden on Djurgården

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post on Rosendals Garden (Rosendals trädgård) that was built as a park worthy of the royal property which stands nearby. I have not given much attention to the palace at Rosendal in the aforementioned post, but only because in this one we are going to discover when, how, and why Rosendal Palace on the northern edge of Djurgården was built.Read more

Admiralty House in Stockholm

Places of Interest – Skeppsholmen in Stockholm

Skeppsholmen is one of the islands in central Stockholm that I have mentioned in multiple earlier posts. I have not, however, shown you my favourite places on the island yet but that is about to change in this post. Skeppsholmen is not too big and there are not too many buildings either. Nevertheless, the places…Read more

Kungsträdgården: The King’s Garden in the Heart of Stockholm

Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla stan) is without a doubt an amazing historical place to visit. The island where it resides is also quite small, though, and so, there was not enough space for everything that there should be in a city as important as Stockholm. That is the reason why you will need to get outside of the borders of the historical city centre of the Swedish capital to visit Kungsträdgården (‘The King’s Garden’).Read more

Karlberg Palace in Stockholm

Karlberg Palace: Temporary Residence of the Royals who Lost their Home

At the edge of Stockholm’s Vasastaden district on the shore of the Karlberg Lake (Karlbergssjön), there stands an equally named palace originating in the 17th century. Today, the palace its characteristic thanks to its long wings on the lakefront side but it has not always looked the same, which is why I tell you the whole story of this exclusive property in this post.Read more

Colourful houses on Falugatan, Stockholm

Places of Interest: Vasastaden District in Stockholm

In this episode of Places of interest, I show you some of the most interesting places in Stockholm’s Vasastaden district. These places surround the iconic library building from the 1920s, include popular locations such as Vasaparken and are connected by some of the most well-known boulevards in the Swedish capital, for example, Odengatan and Sankt…Read more

Stockholm Public Library in Stockholm

Stockholm Public Library: The Pioneer of Open Public Libraries in Sweden

Right on the corner of two major avenues, Sveavägen and Odengatan, in what can be considered the modern city centre of Stockholm, stands one of the most notable contemporary buildings in the city. Stockholm Public Library building is more often than not regarded as an architectural masterpiece. As a pioneering project, it was meant to serve as an example for open public libraries in Sweden where this concept had not existed before.Read more

Djurgårdsbron in Stockholm

Stories Behind the Three Prettiest Bridges in Central Stockholm

The city of Stockholm was not nicknamed the ‘Venice of the North’ by accident. The inner city of the Swedish capital is composed of 14 islands in a Baltic Sea archipelago, which are obviously connected by many bridges. Both historically and in the present day, these bridges have always been essential to the city infrastructure…Read more

Blue Gate (Blå porten) in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Outdoor Sites on Djurgården

Djurgården is an incredibly interesting place located in central Stockholm where you will find a great selection of museums, a plenty of walking paths, parks, and beautiful views. It is absolutely possible to explore the island on foot; however, I believe that it is good to have some support points that you want to visit.Read more

Piazza Lina Bo Bardi in Milan

Stock Photos Weekly #11 – Modern Side of Milan

For the third time in a row in our series Stock Photos Weekly, we bring you a couple of images from the Italian metropolitan city of Milan. In this week’s issue, we focus on pictures of modern parts of this otherwise largely historical city. To discover our stock photos of some of the attractions dating…Read more

Rosendals Garden in Stockholm

Rosendals Garden – The Once Ground-Breaking Royal Garden on Djurgården

Recently, I covered the story of a bridge you likely cross when you go to the Stockholm’s island of Djurgården. Djurgårdsbron bridge is a connection between two city parts with very distinct atmospheres. While I mentioned the exclusive Strandvägen in Östermalm among the most interesting promenades you can find in the Swedish capital, Djurgården is a place where you can go for a little break in a calm environment surrounded by nature.Read more

Djurgårdsbron in Stockholm

Djurgårdsbron – The Seventh Bridge to Djurgården

In this post, we come back to a topic I have talked about in a few posts during the last couple of weeks. Earlier, I have only talked about bridges connecting Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla stan) to the rest of the city. Djurgårdsbron does not belong in this category, though, as this bridge will help you get from Östermalm to the Djurgården island. It has been this way for centuries but as you will shortly find out, the story is not so simple. Read more

Sjövikskajen in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Waterfront Promenades in Stockholm

There are very few things so typical of Stockholm as its location on the water and countless docks and canals all around the city. In this episode of Places of Interest, I show you my favourites where you can enjoy a nice walk year-round or spend some enjoyable time in one of the cafés with…Read more

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan

Stock Photos Weekly #10 – Historical Sites in Milan

This week, we return to Milan, the historical city in northern Italy which has a plenty of wonderful attractions to offer, some of which date back to the all-mighty Roman Empire. In other words, Milan is certainly a city you should add to your bucket list if you love architecture and history as the streets…Read more

Klara Church in Stockholm

Klara Church – Historic Site In the Heart of Modern Stockholm

Across the street from Stockholm Central Station at the very heart of the modern city, surrounded by contemporary architecture sits a church with roots dating back as long as to the late 13th century. Despite its dimensions, it can be overlooked because of how crowded and busy the place is. Klara Church (S:ta Klara kyrka) indeed deserves your attention which is why in this post we look at its journey through the history.Read more

Riksbron bridge in Stockholm

Riksbron – The Bridge Built Two Centuries After a King Wished To Do So

In a previous couple of weeks, I have covered the story of the Norrbro bridge (“Northern Bridge”) which connects the Stockholm’s Norrmalm district with the Royal Palace and I have also shown you a few other bridges worth seeing in the Old Town. Riksbron is one of the bridges that I included in my list then, and today it is time to have a closer look at it and discover its background.Read more

Entrance at Mynttorget 1 in Stockholm

Places of Interest – Portals in Stockholm’s Old Town

In the recent post on portals in Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla stan), I promised you the next episode of Places of Interest would be on the same topic. Today, it is time to deliver on that promise and therefore, I tell you a little bit about my favourite portals and where to find them. Places…Read more

Coat of Arms at Sforza Castle in Milan

Stock Photos Weekly #9 – Sforza Castle in Milan

After a couple of weeks, we return to our series Stock Photos Weekly with a collection of pictures from the beautiful historic city of Milan in northern Italy. All of this week’s photos come from a very specific place which is the 14th-century Sforza Castle. The Castle is located at the edge of the historic…Read more

Portal at Bollhusgränd 3A in Stockholm

Portals in Stockholm’s Old Town

Portals or grand entrances to historical buildings are an interesting phenomenon. They are commonly overlooked when people pass around them but greatly appreciated when presented to travellers in all of their beauty in pictures and on social media. Since Trevl is all about showing you the overlooked and underappreciated places that are often right in front of you, I tell you more about portals in Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla stan) in this post. In a few days, I am also going to publish a post on where to find the most interesting ones. Read more

Bonde Palace in Stockholm

Bonde Palace And Its Architect Who Did Not Get Paid

Not many people can say that they had lived in a house so impressive that it later became the home of the Supreme Court. Baron Gustav Bonde was one of them, though. Bonde, the Lord High Treasurer of Sweden between 1660 and 1667, did not initially plan the construction of a new house at all and wanted to reconstruct his old stone house on Riddarholmen he inherited from his father instead. Read more

Vasabron bridge in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Bridges in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan

In the previous post, I covered the story of the Norrbro bridge, the only remaining stone bridge in Stockholm, thoroughly. However, Stockholm is a city on the water and therefore, there are many more interesting bridges to pay attention to. In this week’s issue of Places of Interest, I show you those that connect the…Read more

Norrbro bridge, Stockholm

Norrbro – The Only Remaining Stone Bridge in Stockholm

After some time, we return to the Helgeandsholmen island in Stockholm which is the home of the Swedish Parliament. What we look at in this post, though, is not the island itself but what connects it to the rest of the city. The Norrbro bridge connects the island to the Old Town (Gamla Stan) on…Read more

Stockholm Central Station

The Story of Stockholm Central Station

Some of the places in our cities are so essential to our day-to-day lives that we do not often think about their origins or development they went through during the years of their existence. What we tend to notice, though, is when their development is ongoing which, in one way or another, restricts our activities.Read more

Statue of Karl XII in Stockholm

Places of Interest: The Most Interesting Statues in Central Stockholm

A little while ago, I wrote a post on public statues in Sweden and especially their long absence in the country. I have also mentioned that while there were literally no public statues displayed in Sweden before the late 18th century, the following two centuries were times during which Swedish artists created an abundant collection…Read more

Swedish National Bank House in Stockholm

The History of the World’s First Central Bank

Recently, I have covered the story of one of the most important state organisations we can hardly imagine living without in a modern democratic society. We have discovered how the Swedish Parliament has developed from the Parliament of the four Estates which took some power away from the king and put it into the hands of the Nobility and the remaining three Estates. Moreover, we have seen the more modern history of the Riksdag and the facilities it operates in. In these stories, I mentioned another highly relevant organisation covered in this post several times. Read more

Parliament House (Riksdagshuset) in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Helgeandsholmen and Parliament Buildings

In the couple of previous posts on Trevl, you can discover the stories behind the Parliament House in Stockholm and the Swedish Parliament itself which resides in the aforementioned house. However, the early-20th-century Parliament House is not all there is to find on the Helgeandsholmen island and despite its immense dimensions, it is not large…Read more

Parliament House (Riksdagshuset) in Stockholm

The Past and the Present of the Swedish Parliament

In the previous post, I told you how the Helgeandsholmen island in Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla Stan) became the residence of the Swedish Parliament (Sveriges Riksdag). I briefly mentioned some of the organisational changes that the Parliament went through in the recent history which consequently required changes to the Parliament House. Now is the time…Read more

Skating pavilion (Skridspaviljongen) in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Kastellholmen

Last week in Places of interest, we looked at some nice places to see in the eastern part of Kungsholmen in Stockholm. Most of the buildings in that particular part of the city are not so old but that is not the only difference between Kungsholmen and the island that we are about to visit…Read more

Statue of Gustav Vasa in Stockholm

The Story of the (Non-)Existence of Public Statues in Sweden

It may seem that when you travel around major European cities of historic importance, they all share the same nature. What I mean is that you can definitely find some differentiating points but at the same time a lot of what you see feels familiar. The differences often resulted from the geographical location of each…Read more

Kastellet in Stockholm

Kastellhomen and Its Military History

After discovering a relatively small part of Kungsholmen in the last few posts, we come back to the historical parts of Stockholm. In the post on Stockholm City Hall, I told you that its design was partially inspired by 17th-century palaces. This time, we visit a place whose history actually dates back as long as…Read more

Stockholm County Council's House (Landstingshuset) in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Eastern Kungsholmen

Recently, I presented you the story of Stockholm City Hall which is definitely interesting, full of surprises and twists. Today, we look at a few other places near the City Hall that you can visit once you are in the area. Most of the neighbourhoods on Kungsholmen are not too old and therefore you will…Read more

Stockholm City Hall (Stockholm Stadshus) in Stockholm

The Story of the Seemingly Historic Stockholm City Hall

Last time, I told you the story of a very popular place in Stockholm. The House of Nobility (Riddarhuset) is a palace beloved by locals and a must-see for history and architecture-loving tourists. It is not unusual for it to be regarded as the most beautiful palace in the Swedish capital. Of course, these views…Read more

Axel Oxenstierna Statue in Stockholm

House of Nobility – Possibly the Most Beautiful Palace in Stockholm

A while ago, I covered the history of Swedish nobility since their medieval beginnings until their demise at the beginning of the new millennium. In the post, I also mentioned that the House of Nobility, which was the organisation responsible for all things noble, resided at a temporary location in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan until they…Read more

St. John's Church (Sankt Johannes Kyrka) in Stockholm

Three Major Stockholm Churches Built Around the Turn of the 20th Century

During the second half of the 19th century and in the early 20th century, Stockholm was expanding quickly and the society as a whole was changing due to the continuous modernisation and industrialisation. Many new buildings and even entirely new neighbourhoods were built during this era to accommodate the growing population and the needs of…Read more

Pildammsparken in Malmö

Stock Photos Weekly #7 – A Few Places in Malmö

In this week’s episode of Stock photos weekly, I invite you to visit a few nice places in the Swedish third largest city, Malmö. In case you are not familiar with the geography of this Nordic country, Malmö is located in the south of Sweden at the shores of Öresund which separates Sweden from Denmark.Read more

Oscar's Church (Oscarskyrkan) in Stockholm

Oscar’s Church – The Noble Pearl in Östermalm, Stockholm

After some time, we are returning to Stockholm’s Östermalm district which is one on the most exclusive parts of the city. Previously, I have presented you two of the major churches built in Stockholm around the turn of the twentieth century, the Sofia Church (Sofia kyrka) in Södermalm and the St. John’s Church (Sankt Johannes…Read more

Judarskogen Nature Preserve (Judarskogens Naturereservat) in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Bromma, Stockholm

In this episode of Places of interest, we stay in Bromma where the last two attractions that I presented you are located. Perhaps a little unusually in our series, the places I show you in this post are spread out across the Bromma borough and it, therefore, might be more difficult to visit them all…Read more

Gefionspringvandet Fountain in Copenhagen

Stock Photos Weekly #6 – Sites in Copenhagen

After having introduced Vienna in Stock photos weekly, this week we move back to Scandinavia and present another picturesque city on the water. Copenhagen is a city full of colours as you can easily see in the photos of this week. Not only bright colours but also its unique location and the combination of historic…Read more

Åkeshov Castle (Åkeshofs slott) in Stockholm

Åkeshov Castle – The Centuries Old Residence of the Nobles

Quick Facts The castle was built in place of a medieval courtyard Nockeby Åkeshov is named after Åke Axelsson Natt och Dag Modern-day appearance of the castle comes from the 18th century In the previous post, I introduced you to Stockholm’s Bromma, the former “garden town” as it is commonly referred to among locals. We,…Read more

House of Nobility (Riddarhuset) in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Riddarholmen

In this issue of our weekly series Places of interest, I show you a few places related to the topics recently spoken of here at Trevl. If you like history you should absolutely read the posts about the functioning of Swedish nobility and about the only remaining medieval monastic church in Stockholm, Riddarholm Church (Riddarholmskyrkan).Read more

Theseus Temple (Theseustempel) in Vienna

Stock Photos Weekly #5 – Historic Sites In Vienna

Another week has passed which means it is time for Stock photos weekly once again. Last week, we shared some images from Austrian capital and promised you more. This week, we deliver on our promises and bring you five more images of historical sites in Vienna. Three of the sites are located on the beloved…Read more

House of Nobility (Riddarhuset) in Stockholm.

The History of Swedish Nobility

In this post, we look at the functioning of Swedish nobility throughout the centuries. I tell you when and how it all started, how the things have changed – sometimes for better, sometimes for worse – what life of the typical nobleman was like and even what your chances are of becoming a member of…Read more

Museum of Natural History in Vienna

Stock Photos Weekly #4 – Beauties of Vienna

This week in Stock photos weekly we bring you photos from a city other than Stockholm for the first time. Four out of five pictures are from Austria’s capital and as a bonus, there is one from Stockholm’s Skeppsholmen. Vienna is a beautiful city with a very rich history which can easily be seen all…Read more

Norra latin in Stockholm

Places of Interest: School Palaces of Stockholm

In the last story here at Trevl, I presented you the most interesting ‘school palaces’ in Stockholm. These are monumental school buildings from the late 19th and early 20th century spread across Södermalm and Norrmalm which were the fastest expanding parts of the city at the time. In this week’s issue of Places of interest,…Read more

Judarn in Judarskogen Nature Preserve (Judarskogens Naturereservat) in Stockholm

Stock Photos Weekly #3 – Winter Nature in Stockholm

Winter is almost here and this week in Stock photos weekly we bring you a few photos of the beautiful winter nature in Stockholm and a city panorama as a bonus. The nature images of were taken near Lake Judarn in Judarskogen Nature Preserve (Judarskogens naturreservat) in Bromma, Stockholm. This area is absolutely stunning during…Read more

Sofia skola in Södermalm, Stockholm

The School Palaces of Stockholm

The story of the St. John’s Church (Sankt Johannes Kyrka) I told you in the previous post, describes a long and several times delayed process of building a single church. The result is, without a doubt, monumental, though. Today, in contrast with the previous story, I am going to tell you how many new buildings…Read more

Svenska Lifs hus in Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Norrmalmstorg

Last week at Trevl, we looked into the history of Norrmalmstorg and later discovered the story of the robbery which took place directly in this square in the centre of Stockholm around forty years ago. Therefore, in this issue of Places of interest, I cannot bring you interesting things to see at any other place…Read more

St. John's Church (Sankt Johannes Kyrka) in Stockholm

Stock Photos Weekly #2

In the second issue of our series Stock Photos Weekly, I bring you five more stock photos from Stockholm. They include a couple of street panoramas and several close-ups of Historic buildings from different parts of Sweden’s capital. You will find all our stock photos which are free to use in commercial as well as…Read more

Former Kreditbanken building in Norrmalmstorg, Norrmalm, Stockholm

Norrmalmstorg Robbery Which Defined the Stockholm Syndrome

It is 10:02 in the morning on Thursday, 23 August 1973 when a masked man enters the Kreditbanken at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm and fires a few shots from his machine gun into the ceiling. His face is painted black, he is wearing a wig and sunglasses and has a big bag on his shoulders. The…Read more

Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm, Sweden

Norrmalmstorg And Its Stinking History

Norrmalm is the district in Stockholm which contains parts of the historic city centre and most of the modern centre of Sweden’s capital. In the northern part of Norrmalm you will find Vasastan which is mostly a residential area and also, in my opinion, one of the prettiest parts of Stockholm. I am telling you…Read more

Wall Anchors on Bollhusgränd in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Places of Interest: Wall Anchors In Gamla Stan

Last week, I brought you two posts closely related to Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla Stan) which is why in this issue of Places of interest we are going to look at some interesting places in this part of the city. In case you did not have the chance to read the posts yet, one of…Read more

Colourful houses on Falugatan, Stockholm

Stock Photos Weekly #1

Today, we are launching a page where we offer you royalty free stock photos which you can use in all sorts of projects including commercial works. You are free to use the images in digital form or in print materials at no cost as long as you follow the license. We kindly ask you to…Read more

Bollhusgränd 3B in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

How To Tell the Age of Houses In Stockholm Simply By Looking

During the past few weeks, I have been telling you stories about places, areas and events that occurred Stockholm. This time, I am going to show you how you alone can get to understand the places around you, especially buildings, better by simply paying attention to one particular element on their façades – the wall…Read more

The Big Square (Stortorget) in Stockholm

Stockholm Bloodbath – the Event Worth Thinking About

Today, we are going to go back in time and have a closer look at one of the most memorable events in the history of Sweden. The events described in this post happened almost five hundred years ago which means that many things worked differently at the time. However, I believe that many lessons which…Read more

Panorama of Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Places of Interest: North-Eastern Södermalm

This week in Places of interest we will look at some interesting attractions in the north-eastern part of Södermalm in Stockholm. This area is known by the locals because of Slussen and Stadsgården which are places visited by thousands every day. Last week, I brought you stories of five staircases in this area which have…Read more

Erstagatan in Södermalm, Stockholm

Staircases that Connect Södermalm

Staircases are certainly one of those things we normally do not really think about. However, that is exactly why Trevl was created – to show you that the things around you, those that you see and meet every day are more interesting than you think. In this post, I will tell you the stories of…Read more

Fersen Palace on Blasieholmen in Stockholm

Fersen Palace, Its Residents and Their Stories

The history of the Fersen Palace (Fersenska Palatset) dates back to the 17th century. Its story and especially the stories of its owners and residents are fascinating as many of them had important roles in domestic and foreign politics and were integral parts of Stockholm’s upper-class society. The existence of the palace was threatened when…Read more

Bergsprängargränd landscape

Places of Interest – The White Mountains

In this new weekly series called Places of Interest, I will be pointing out interesting places to see related to the topics of the last week’s posts. These places are often parts of the stories told in the posts and apart from being interesting by themselves, they shall help illustrate the stories that you can…Read more

View of Sankt Erikplan from Vasaparken

Autumn in Vasaparken, Stockholm

Things to do in Stockholm Wandering around Stockholm’s Vasastan is always very pleasant if you have a bit of spare time. I was doing just that when I decided to “capture the autumn spirit” of the city a few days ago. If you know anything about Stockholm you have probably seen some of the characteristic…Read more

Fersenska Palatset, Blasieholmen, Stockholm

Five Palaces to See On Blasieholmen In Stockholm

Blasieholmen is a little peninsula in central Stockholm from which you have a wonderful view of The Royal Palace. It is therefore located only a few minutes from the Old Town (Gamla Stan) as well as Östermalm which you can read more about on our site. Blasieholmen itself surrounded with many interesting facts. As I…Read more

Oscar's Church

Östermalm – the Magical Part of Stockholm

As I promised in the previous post about Stockholm, we are going to look at different parts of this wonderful city to discover what each one of them brings to the table. First on the list is Östermalm, a beautiful historical district just across the bay from the Old Town (Gamla Stan). Östermalm is the…Read more

Djurgården panorama with the Nordic Museum

Trevl Is Introducing Stockholm

Stockholm, the proclaimed capital of Scandinavia, is a city unlike any other. Big cities, especially capitals, tend to be unofficial exhibitions of the country’s power and wealth. Displaying majestic palaces where the leaders have resided for centuries, landmarks remembering their biggest victories and biggest heroes, boulevards where all the exhibits can be shown… I would…Read more

Landscape of the Turning Torso and Sundspromenaden from the Northern end of Sundspromenaden, Malmö

What to see in the Western Harbour, Malmö

Places to see in Malmö, Sweden The Western Harbour in Malmö may seem like a boring industrial and business place at first sight. Once you walk through one of the business centres you’ll find an entirely new world though. If you like modern architecture, calm neighbourhoods and sea, for example, I’m sure you’ll like this…Read more

Stora Gråbrödersgatan, Lund, Sweden

Colours of Lund

Places to visit in Lund, Sweden Today Lund is a beautiful university city which offers a stunning combination of its historical part and modern infrastructure and architecture. In this post we’ll focus on the historical city centre and its beautiful architecture. It’s certain you can find many famous attractions in Lund including the Lund Cathedral…Read more

Malmö Slottsmöllan

Romantic Afternoon in Malmö

Things to do in Malmö, Sweden So, you go to Malmö for a few hours or you have a free afternoon. Moreover, you (or your better half) are a romantic soul. What should you do? I’ve covered all my favourite spots in Malmö that you can comfortably visit during a single afternoon without ever having…Read more

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