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Copenhagen, Denmark: Places I have Visited and Recommend

Although there was a time when I could call myself a local in Copenhagen, I would not dare to claim that I know all areas of the Danish capital very well. This post, therefore, does not aim to be your ‘top places to see in Copenhagen’ guide as much as it is meant to provide you with some hints on interesting areas to explore and awe-inspiring places to visit from the perspective of someone who has spent more than a couple of short days in the city.Read more

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The Ultimate Guide to Squares and Plazas in Stockholm [20 Places]

Squares are where we relax, where we enjoy beautiful sights, where we meet with our dear ones. We probably do not think about this very often, but without squares, our cities would like quite a bit different than they do today. Imagine there was no Trafalgar Square in London, no Plaza de España in Madrid, no Stefansplatz in Vienna, or no Stortorget in Stockholm. A significant part of the history of each of these few monumental cities would be lost.Read more

The Guide to School Buildings Worth Seeing in Stockholm [17 Places]

Schools. Most of us attended a few of them in our lifetime. Many of us still visit one, or perhaps even several of them, regularly, and almost everyone is likely to know a school in their neighbourhood. In Stockholm, but also in Sweden in general, schools are often more than just educational institutions. Many school buildings are so impressive that even if you have never been inside, they can enrich your everyday life or at least your visit to the city.Read more