Places of Interest: 7 Places to Enjoy Summer Sunset in Stockholm

Summer in Stockholm means long days and lots and lots of light. These few months are what makes living in the Swedish capital worth it despite the long dark winters and mostly dreadful weather. Not only the architecture in Stockholm but also the city landscape is tailored for maximum enjoyment during this period when the locals hit the streets and parks with blankets and picnic baskets.Read more

Places of Interest: Top 10 Burger Restaurants in Stockholm

I like to say that Stockholm as a city offers everything you can imagine and much, much more. My friends and family have probably heard me say this dozens of times by now. When it comes to vining and dining, this is perhaps more obvious than anywhere else.Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Places to Admire Modern Architecture in Stockholm

Generally, city visitors tend to give more importance to historical places when they are choosing spots to visit. While history and its creations are often fascinating, I believe, we should not overlook modern places around us and their stories. In this post, you will, therefore, find the most beautiful pieces of modern architecture you can see in Stockholm.Read more

Places of Interest: 12 Places to Visit in and around Riga

Riga, the capital of Latvia, a country in Northern Europe, is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Europe. It’s also way more affordable than most of the capitals in Northern and Western Europe. Riga, especially its historic center, is well known because of its stunning architecture yet there is much more to it than the city’s captivating old town.Read more

Places of Interest: 10 Historic Places at Katarinaberget in Stockholm

Six impressive historic buildings, three charming streets, and an unusual brick structure. That is what we discover in this episode of Place of Interest. All of these are located in the area known as Katarinaberget located in the north-eastern part of the Södermalm Island in Stockholm.Read more

Places of Interest: 12 Charming Entrances Spread Across Stockholm

Foremost architects and artists recognise the value of impressive building entrances no matter whether it comes to apartment houses or public buildings. Lately, I have noticed that more and more people are starting to appreciate charming front doors, neatly decorated front decks, and massive historical portals.Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Squares in Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla Stan)

Let’s explore the historical squares located in Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla Stan) in this episode of Places of Interest.Read more

Places of Interest: 8 Stockholm Places to Eat a Home-Made Meal Outside

No matter if you have lived in Stockholm for a while now or you are just visiting, in this episode of Places of Interest, you will find the most popular and the most pleasant places in town to have a home-made lunch or snack.Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Examples of Turn-Of-The-Century Architecture

Turn-of-the-century architecture is well-known as for its elegant shapes, rich and detailed décor, as well as exclusive materials. Often combined with wide boulevards or impressive squares, these places enchant large European cities like few others. While in the previous episode of Places of Interest I introduced you to the most beautiful residential buildings from the period, this time, we explore Stockholm’s public architecture from the late 19th and early 20th century.Read more

Places of Interest: 19th & Early-20th Century Architecture in Stockholm

European capitals have evolved over many centuries, in some cases even millennia. It is interesting to notice, though, that some eras were more prosperous than others, that some periods produced more art masterpieces and more legendary individuals than others. I believe that every architecture aficionado will tell you that buildings from the late 19th and the turn of the 20th century belong to the most beautiful these cities can offer.Read more