Places of Interest

Find the most interesting places to visit in Stockholm in our posts from the series Places of Interest.

In our weekly episodes, we bring you only the best, generally less-known, places organised thematically or located in a certain area of the city.

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Places of Interest: 7 Examples of Turn-Of-The-Century Architecture

Turn-of-the-century architecture is well-known as for its elegant shapes, rich and detailed décor, as well as exclusive materials. Often combined with wide boulevards or impressive squares, these places enchant large European cities like few others. While in the previous episode of Places of Interest I introduced you to the most beautiful residential buildings from the period, this time, we explore Stockholm’s public architecture from the late 19th and early 20th century.Read more

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Places of Interest: 19th & Early-20th Century Architecture in Stockholm

European capitals have evolved over many centuries, in some cases even millennia. It is interesting to notice, though, that some eras were more prosperous than others, that some periods produced more art masterpieces and more legendary individuals than others. I believe that every architecture aficionado will tell you that buildings from the late 19th and the turn of the 20th century belong to the most beautiful these cities can offer.Read more

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Places of Interest: 10 Unusual Sights in the White Mountains, Södermalm

In this week’s issue of places of interest, I bring you ten of the most interesting attractions you can find in the area known as White Mountains (Vita Bergen) located in the south-eastern part of Södermalm. The area has been protected as a cultural preserve since 1956 and as such presents a beautiful, nostalgic view of the past.Read more