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Find the most interesting places to visit in Stockholm in our posts from the series Places of Interest.

In our weekly episodes, we bring you only the best, generally less-known, places organised thematically or located in a certain area of the city.

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Places of Interest: 10 Stunning Buildings at Lärkstaden in Stockholm

One of the greatest things about visiting and living in Stockholm is how many different faces the city has. Sure, there is something that connects all the unique parts of the city but distinct areas and districts still manage to keep their uniqueness and surprise their visitors with original architecture, landscapes, or atmosphere. In this episode of Places of Interest, we look at an informal area located in the north-western part of the Östermalm district known as Lärkstaden.Read more

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Places of Interest: 10 of the Tallest Buildings in Stockholm

Essentially every city around the world needs to have at least a few unique, tall buildings to be considered a modern metropolis. Stockholm most certainly is a modern city, thanks to which I can bring you the selection of my favourite structures that belong to the tallest in the Swedish capital.Read more

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Places of Interest: 10 Stockholm Theatres to See During the Summer Break

Stockholm offers a large number and variety of cultural venues to choose from. As I have recently introduced you to the magnificent building of the Royal Dramatic Theatre, I thought I would also show you other notable theatres in the Swedish capital. Although you will not be able to enjoy any performances during the summer break, the theatres you will find below are worth knowing about not only because of their beautiful houses, but also for their interesting stories.Read more

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Places of Interest: 7 Places to Admire Modern Architecture in Stockholm

Generally, city visitors tend to give more importance to historical places when they are choosing spots to visit. While history and its creations are often fascinating, I believe, we should not overlook modern places around us and their stories. In this post, you will, therefore, find the most beautiful pieces of modern architecture you can see in Stockholm.Read more

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Places of Interest: Top 10 Avenues to See in Stockholm

Some types of places are inseparable from big cities and at the same time, they can hardly be found in smaller towns. One such type is wide avenues where long, green tree alleys surround busy roads and thousands of people cross paths with one another every day. In this post, I show you the most beautiful avenues in Stockholm. At each and every place included in my list, you will get the chance to admire some interesting architecture, experience the busyness of the Swedish capital, and explore the way the locals live. Read more