Places of Interest: 10 Stockholm Streets Named After Historical Figures

Names of streets of the cities we live in and visit do not only help us navigate through these cities but are also a popular way of recognizing and commemorating important persons from all different fields. However, we rarely think of the figures who gave their names to important streets in our cities, and their work and achievements. In this post, I show you a few interesting streets in Stockholm named after influential figures who lived during the most prosperous era in the history of Sweden.Read more

Places of Interest: 10 of the Tallest Buildings in Stockholm

Essentially every city around the world needs to have at least a few unique, tall buildings to be considered a modern metropolis. Stockholm most certainly is a modern city, thanks to which I can bring you the selection of my favourite structures that belong to the tallest in the Swedish capital.Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Places near the Diplomatic City in Stockholm

In this week’s episode of Places of Interest, we explore a truly special neighbourhood in Stockholm. This place might be easy to miss in the abundance of beautiful and popular areas in the city but I can guarantee you that if you are a fan of luxurious estates, promenades in nature and/or seaside areas, you will love this place, too.Read more

Places of Interest: 10 Stockholm Theatres to See During the Summer Break

Stockholm offers a large number and variety of cultural venues to choose from. As I have recently introduced you to the magnificent building of the Royal Dramatic Theatre, I thought I would also show you other notable theatres in the Swedish capital. Although you will not be able to enjoy any performances during the summer break, the theatres you will find below are worth knowing about not only because of their beautiful houses, but also for their interesting stories.Read more

Places of Interest: Top 10 Avenues to See in Stockholm

Some types of places are inseparable from big cities and at the same time, they can hardly be found in smaller towns. One such type is wide avenues where long, green tree alleys surround busy roads and thousands of people cross paths with one another every day. In this post, I show you the most beautiful avenues in Stockholm. At each and every place included in my list, you will get the chance to admire some interesting architecture, experience the busyness of the Swedish capital, and explore the way the locals live. Read more

Places of Interest: Top 10 Churches To Visit in Stockholm

Stockholm, like many other major cities, is full of monumental churches, which show the best of historical architecture. Thanks to the long history of the city, you can admire varying architectural styles from different eras, sometimes even at the same church. Now, let’s have a look at the list of my favourite churches in the Swedish capital.Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Universities in Stockholm You Want to See

Stockholm is a city offering a great variety of educational institutions where literally everyone can find something to their liking no matter if they are still only thinking about choosing a career or want to gain some extra skills. However, you do not need to be planning your future studies to enjoy the university campuses and that is why I show you the most interesting ones in the Swedish capital in this post. Read more

Places of Interest: 6 Places To See at Hornstull in Stockholm

City parts located off the conventional traveller path traditionally have a different atmosphere than those in the historical city centres. These are the places where one can explore the local way of life, see what the residential neighbourhoods are like, how the locals spend their days and enjoy the areas they live in. All of this is not to say that there are not any interesting places, historical or modern, that are worthy the travellers’ time. Read more

Places of Interest: 6 of the Most Interesting Places on Kungsholmen

As it turns out, Kungsholmen is an island that has a plenty to offer no matter what kind of attractions you are looking for. I have shown you a few places that you should not miss in the eastern part of the island earlier, and we also looked at the most beautiful waterfront promenades in Stockholm, a few of which are located on Kungsholmen. In this episode of Places of interest, I want to bring a couple of more places on the eastern side of the island to your attention. Read more

Places of Interest: 6 Beautiful Fountains in Stockholm

Some places are better enjoyed during certain periods of the year than in others. That is why in this post, I bring you a selection of places that are definitely most enjoyable in summer. Fountains often form central parts of squares, plazas, and parks in major cities and Stockholm is not an exception. Despite the tradition of fountains in the Swedish capital only dating back to the latter half of the 19th century, today you can find a few in essentially every part of the city. Read more