Places to visit in Lund, Sweden

Today Lund is a beautiful university city which offers a stunning combination of its historical part and modern infrastructure and architecture. In this post we’ll focus on the historical city centre and its beautiful architecture. It’s certain you can find many famous attractions in Lund including the Lund Cathedral (Lunds Domkyrka). However, in true spirit of Trevl I believe that there are many more places to see in this cosy city. What catches my attention every time I visit Lund is the beautifully colourful houses all around the place. Therefore I bring you some recommendations for such places in this post.

Our first stop is Västergatan, a street which shows all the beauty of Lund. The houses in vibrant colours. The flowers around them. The original historical roads and sidewalks…

Västergatan, Lund, Sweden
Västergatan, Lund, Sweden

Lilla Algatan just one street from the Botanical Garden also hosts a few traditional houses in yellow, green and blue(ish) colours.

Lilla Algatan, Lund, Sweden

Right on the next street, Stora Algatan, you’ll find more interesting places to see.

Stora Algatan, Lund, SwedenStora Algatan, Lund, Sweden
Not far away is Adelgatan with this beautiful view on its western end…

Adelgatan, Lund, Sweden

…and this one on the eastern side.

Adelgatan, Lund, Sweden

Even though some parts of Stora Tvärgatan are formed by modern houses there is still a lot of heritage to observe.

Stora Tvärgatan, Lund

On Råbygatan you can find slightly more rare yellow brick houses with these great green windows which create a nice contrast.

Råbygatan, Lund, Sweden

Probably my personal favourites lie on Stora Gråbrödersgatan. These houses in the very heart of Lund are more majestic than most of what you can see here but still take advantage of vibrant colours. How could anyone not like them?

Stora Gråbrödersgatan, Lund, SwedenStora Gråbrödersgatan, Lund, Sweden

The last location is Kiliansgatan which offers a sort of a mix of the two worlds by combining the one-floor houses with mightier buildings on the other side of the street.

Kiliansgatan, Lund, Sweden

These were my favourite suggestions for beautiful historical buildings characteristic by their vibrant façades. I’m sure you can find more interesting and colourful houses in Lund so keep cruising the streets until you find all of them.

Colours of Lund Map with Markers