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Statue of Karl XII in Stockholm

Places of Interest: The Most Interesting Statues in Central Stockholm

A little while ago, I wrote a post on public statues in Sweden and especially their long absence in the country. I have also mentioned that while there were literally no public statues displayed in Sweden before the late 18th century, the following two centuries were times during which Swedish artists created an abundant collection…Read more

Swedish National Bank House in Stockholm

The History of the World’s First Central Bank

Recently, I have covered the story of one of the most important state organisations we can hardly imagine living without in a modern democratic society. We have discovered how the Swedish Parliament has developed from the Parliament of the four Estates which took some power away from the king and put it into the hands of the Nobility and the remaining three Estates. Moreover, we have seen the more modern history of the Riksdag and the facilities it operates in. In these stories, I mentioned another highly relevant organisation covered in this post several times. Read more

Parliament House (Riksdagshuset) in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Helgeandsholmen and Parliament Buildings

In the couple of previous posts on Trevl, you can discover the stories behind the Parliament House in Stockholm and the Swedish Parliament itself which resides in the aforementioned house. However, the early-20th-century Parliament House is not all there is to find on the Helgeandsholmen island and despite its immense dimensions, it is not large…Read more

Parliament House (Riksdagshuset) in Stockholm

The Past and the Present of the Swedish Parliament

In the previous post, I told you how the Helgeandsholmen island in Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla Stan) became the residence of the Swedish Parliament (Sveriges Riksdag). I briefly mentioned some of the organisational changes that the Parliament went through in the recent history which consequently required changes to the Parliament House. Now is the time…Read more