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Royal College of Music in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 7 Places to Admire Modern Architecture in Stockholm

Generally, city visitors tend to give more importance to historical places when they are choosing spots to visit. While history and its creations are often fascinating, I believe, we should not overlook modern places around us and their stories. In this post, you will, therefore, find the most beautiful pieces of modern architecture you can see in Stockholm.Read more

Tantolunden in Stockholm

Tantolunden and Vitabergsparken: The Largest Hill Parks on Södermalm

Hill parks are unique places in the city landscape of the Swedish capital. They offer a plenty of greenery, stunning views and overall pleasant areas for the residents as well as visitors of Stockholm. I have previously introduced you to a few of these parks and the general story of their creation but I left out those located on the Södermalm island, which we discover in this post instead. Read more

Stockholm City Hall (Stockholm Stadshus) in Stockholm

National Romantic Architecture and Where to Find it in Stockholm

In this post, we look at the architectural style that became most characteristic of Sweden especially in the latter half of the nineteenth century as well as in the early years of the twentieth. Apart from the style itself, I show you the most notable buildings where you can observe all its elements. Read more

Narvavägen 19 in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Top 10 Avenues to See in Stockholm

Some types of places are inseparable from big cities and at the same time, they can hardly be found in smaller towns. One such type is wide avenues where long, green tree alleys surround busy roads and thousands of people cross paths with one another every day. In this post, I show you the most beautiful avenues in Stockholm. At each and every place included in my list, you will get the chance to admire some interesting architecture, experience the busyness of the Swedish capital, and explore the way the locals live. Read more

Hornstull Library in Stockholm

Most Beautiful Libraries to Visit in Stockholm

Libraries are the kind of place that you can find in almost every major city in developed countries around the world. Not only that, but they come in all shapes and sizes and in Stockholm, for instance, there are a few that are particularly interesting to visit, if only from the architectural viewpoint. In this post, we discover a few Stockholm libraries with unique stories. Read more

St James' Church in Stockholm

Places of Interest: Top 10 Churches To Visit in Stockholm

Stockholm, like many other major cities, is full of monumental churches, which show the best of historical architecture. Thanks to the long history of the city, you can admire varying architectural styles from different eras, sometimes even at the same church. Now, let’s have a look at the list of my favourite churches in the Swedish capital.Read more

Stockholm Court House in Stockholm

Stockholm Court House: The Building Personifying Everything Swedish

If you had the chance to visit the Kungsholmen island only a little more than a hundred years ago, you would have seen a completely different scenery from what you can find on the island today. I have previously told you the stories of two major constructions that were built in this part of Stockholm in the early 1900s and now it is time to get to know another one.Read more

Piper Wall's Garden in Stockholm

Piperska muren: What Survived from the Prettiest Garden in Stockholm

Walking through the Kungsholmen island in Stockholm, you will not find many places that date back longer than to the second half of the nineteenth century. However, there is at least one place between the beautiful residential buildings and impressive constructions housing public institutions, that still carries at least parts of its historic heritage. Read more

Royal College of Music in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 7 Universities in Stockholm You Want to See

Stockholm is a city offering a great variety of educational institutions where literally everyone can find something to their liking no matter if they are still only thinking about choosing a career or want to gain some extra skills. However, you do not need to be planning your future studies to enjoy the university campuses and that is why I show you the most interesting ones in the Swedish capital in this post. Read more

Stockholm Olympic Stadium in Stockholm

Stockholm Olympic Stadium: The One-of-a-kind Athletic Castle

There are many historical places in Stockholm that have witnessed a plenty of action during the past centuries. Some of them were even there when world’s unique ideas and institutions, such as the world’s first central bank, were formed. One building, though, has seen more action in the last one hundred years than probably any other, especially in one specific field – sports.Read more