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Places of Interest: 17th-Century Architecture Surrounding the Old Town

Historical architecture is one of the best reasons for visiting major cities around the globe. In the previous episode of our weekly series Places of Interest, I showed you Stockholm’s most beautiful buildings built during the 17th century that are located outside of the historical city centre. This time, we look at six of those that sit right at the edge of the Old Town (Gamla stan).Read more

Stockholm Observatory: The First Scientific Institution in Stockholm

Science has long been an important element of life in Sweden and, therefore, the country’s capital features a large selection of historical places where experts from different fields have been developing their ideas from the early days. In this post, we look at one of the first important scientific institutions established in Stockholm.Read more

St James' Church in Stockholm

St James’ Church: The Historic Site Dominating Southern Norrmalm

When you find yourself at the southern edge of the Norrmalm district overlooking such monumental places like the Royal Palace, the House of the Swedish Parliament, and the Royal Swedish Opera there is one place that is hard to miss even in this scenery. Thanks to its prominent location the Saint James’ Church with its bright-red façade dominates the entire area. Since it has been in its place for much longer than most of the surrounding buildings, it also has an interesting story to tell.Read more

Places of Interest: 17th-Century Architecture Outside of the Old Town

The 17th century was an exciting era for the city of Stockholm and there is certainly a plenty of heritage left behind after those who lived there that we can admire today. I have written several posts on wonderful places built during the era that you can read on our blog but there are still more to explore. Therefore, in this episode of our series Places of Interest as well as in a couple of following ones, I am going to point you to numerous places all across the Swedish capital that were built in the 1600s.Read more

Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm

Royal Swedish Opera: The Institution Founded by an Art-Loving King

Performing arts are and have long been an integral part of life in major cities around the globe. In its early days, every form of art had to be supported by either a large enough part of society or a few important individuals such as aristocrats and royals to catch on. In Sweden, one such individual was King Gustav III who is to thank for establishing several major artistic institutions in the country including the Royal Swedish Opera whose story we look at in this post.Read more