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Högalid Church in Stockholm

Högalid Church: One of the Brightest Examples of National Romanticism

In the latest episode of our weekly series Places of interest, I showed you my favourite places in the western part of Stockholm’s Södermalm, Hornstull. As I mentioned in that post, Högalid Church (Högalids kyrka) standing at the top of Högalid Hill is the most prominent attraction in the area and we should definitely discover it more thoroughly. Well, that is exactly what we are going to do in this post.Read more

Tantolunden in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 6 Places To See at Hornstull in Stockholm

City parts located off the conventional traveller path traditionally have a different atmosphere than those in the historical city centres. These are the places where one can explore the local way of life, see what the residential neighbourhoods are like, how the locals spend their days and enjoy the areas they live in. All of this is not to say that there are not any interesting places, historical or modern, that are worthy the travellers’ time. Read more

Strömgatan in Stockholm

Sager Palace: The Palace Turned into the Swedish Prime Minister’s Home

In Stockholm, like in so many other historical cities, it is not too hard to know which historical buildings come from the oldest eras of the city and which, on the other hand, are somewhat newer. However, Stockholm’s being located on several islands makes it even easier to distinguish the oldest core of the city from the rest. Read more

Kronobergsparken in Stockholm

Story of Three Unique Hill Parks in Central Stockholm

The population of Stockholm was increasing rapidly in the latter half of the nineteenth century, what brought many issues that the authorities and the residents needed to tackle. One of them was the decreasing quality of public areas that were not designed to accommodate that many people. Bad air was also becoming an issue with the increase of traffic in the city. Read more

Polishusparken in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 6 of the Most Interesting Places on Kungsholmen

As it turns out, Kungsholmen is an island that has a plenty to offer no matter what kind of attractions you are looking for. I have shown you a few places that you should not miss in the eastern part of the island earlier, and we also looked at the most beautiful waterfront promenades in Stockholm, a few of which are located on Kungsholmen. In this episode of Places of interest, I want to bring a couple of more places on the eastern side of the island to your attention. Read more

Police House in Stockholm

Stockholm Police House: The Unknown Treasure on Kungsholmen

Apart from being an extraordinarily attractive residential area, the Kungsholmen island west of the heart of Stockholm is the home of some particularly beautiful administrative buildings. One of the most iconic ones, Stockholm City Hall, is located right at the edge of the island overlooking the Old Town. Further west, where many people never go, are the monumental Court House and the exquisite Police House that we discover in this post. Read more

Echo Temple in Stockholm

Hagaparken: Stokholm’s Oasis of Greenery with Royal Roots

As I showed you in an earlier post, Stockholm is full of nice parks where you can enjoy your summer days surrounded by an appealing combination of nature and eye-pleasing architecture. Many of these parks also have an interesting story to tell, some even have royal roots. All of that is true about Haga Park (Hagaparken), which I tell you everything about in this post.Read more

Thor's Fishing in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 6 Beautiful Fountains in Stockholm

Some places are better enjoyed during certain periods of the year than in others. That is why in this post, I bring you a selection of places that are definitely most enjoyable in summer. Fountains often form central parts of squares, plazas, and parks in major cities and Stockholm is not an exception. Despite the tradition of fountains in the Swedish capital only dating back to the latter half of the 19th century, today you can find a few in essentially every part of the city. Read more

Gustaf Vasa Church in Stockholm

Gustaf Vasa Church: The Biggest Church in Stockholm

In what is perhaps the most prominent location in the Vasastaden district in Stockholm, stands a church named after the legendary king Gustav Vasa, just like the district itself. Gustaf Vasa Church (Gustaf Vasa kyrka) is not the oldest church in the city, nor is it located in the historical heart of the Swedish capital. Though with its 1,500 seats, it is Stockholm’s largest place of worship and it was constructed during the era when large parts of Stockholm were shaped and many of the most beautiful buildings were built.Read more

Kungsträdgården in Stockholm

Places of Interest: The 8 Most Pleasant Parks to Visit in Stockholm

Sometimes the weather is nice even in Stockholm and what better way to enjoy it than to spend some quality time at the beautiful green places the city has to offer. Obviously, the selection of parks and gardens in the Swedish capital is rich and diverse but if you are looking for some of the most interesting ones, you came to the right place. In this post, I show you my favourite parks, most of which are close to the heart of the city.Read more