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Katarina Church
Katarina Church is the Sweden's first central-plan church and a prominent representative of baroque architecture in Stockholm originally built in the late 17th century.
Stockholm County Council's House (Landstingshuset) in Stockholm

Places of Interest: 9 Charming Places in Eastern Kungsholmen

With the monumental Stockholm City Hall being right at the edge of the Kungsholmen Island, you might think there is nothing that could overcome its beauty on the rest of the island. Perhaps you would be right and perhaps not, but I can guarantee you that the City Hall has some tough competition among landmarks in the eastern part of Kungsholmen.Read more

Guide to Areas, Boroughs, Districts and Neighbourhoods in Stockholm

Orientation among the names and the division of the individual areas in Stockholm might be a challenge if you are not familiar with the city. It is only logical, though, that as a visitor or even a newcomer to the city you would like to know the best areas to stay, the most pleasant areas to visit, and what interesting places there are in each of the city parts.Read more

Old Swedish National Archives in Stockholm

Old Swedish National Archives: Stockholm’s Treasure From the 1800s

A place where the time has stopped nearly 130 years ago. A place showing us what being high-tech meant in the late 1800s. A place which, despite its monumentality and grandiose style, was soon deemed to be left in the past. That is the Old National Archives (Gamla riksarkivet) building on Riddarholmen in the most historical part of Stockholm which we look at in this post.Read more