Åkeshov Castle (Åkeshofs slott) in Stockholm

Åkeshov Castle: The Centuries Old Residence of the Nobles

Quick Facts The castle was built in place of a medieval courtyard Nockeby Åkeshov is named after Åke Axelsson Natt och Dag Modern-day appearance of the castle comes from the 18th century In the previous post, I introduced you to Stockholm’s Bromma, the former “garden town” as it is commonly referred to among locals. We,…Read more

Theseus Temple (Theseustempel) in Vienna

Stock Photos Weekly #5: Historic Sites In Vienna

Another week has passed which means it is time for Stock photos weekly once again. Last week, we shared some images from Austrian capital and promised you more. This week, we deliver on our promises and bring you five more images of historical sites in Vienna. Three of the sites are located on the beloved…Read more