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Riddarholm Church
Riddarholm Church is one of the oldest buildings still standing in Stockholm today. Its origins date back to the late 13th century when it was built by the Franciscans, but it is most commonly known as the traditional burial place of the Swedish monarchs.
Landscape of the Turning Torso and Sundspromenaden from the Northern end of Sundspromenaden, Malmö

What to see in the Western Harbour, Malmö

Places to see in Malmö, Sweden The Western Harbour in Malmö may seem like a boring industrial and business place at first sight. Once you walk through one of the business centres you’ll find an entirely new world though. If you like modern architecture, calm neighbourhoods and sea, for example, I’m sure you’ll like this…Read more

Stora Gråbrödersgatan, Lund, Sweden

Colours of Lund

Places to visit in Lund, Sweden Today Lund is a beautiful university city which offers a stunning combination of its historical part and modern infrastructure and architecture. In this post we’ll focus on the historical city centre and its beautiful architecture. It’s certain you can find many famous attractions in Lund including the Lund Cathedral…Read more

Malmö Slottsmöllan

Romantic Afternoon in Malmö

Things to do in Malmö, Sweden So, you go to Malmö for a few hours or you have a free afternoon. Moreover, you (or your better half) are a romantic soul. What should you do? I’ve covered all my favourite spots in Malmö that you can comfortably visit during a single afternoon without ever having…Read more

Hovdala Treehouse

Trädhuset Hovdala

Places to visit in Skåne, Sweden The Treehouse near Hovdala is an unusual attraction located in the ultimately calm place. It is hidden in the forest just a few hundred metres from the Finjasjön lake. The Treehouse is an interesting piece of architecture by itself but it furthermore offers beautiful views of the nature that…Read more

Hovdala slott landscape

Hovdala Slott

Places to visit in Skåne, Sweden Hovdala slott is an authentic historical place near Hässleholm. It has the power to literally take you back in time a few hundred years. Especially during the knights’ tournament which takes places there every year. During these few days you can meet there real knights and craftsmen or buy…Read more