Fersen Palace on Blasieholmen in Stockholm

Fersen Palace, Its Residents and Their Stories

The history of the Fersen Palace (Fersenska Palatset) dates back to the 17th century. Its story and especially the stories of its owners and residents are fascinating as many of them had important roles in domestic and foreign politics and were integral parts of Stockholm’s upper-class society. The existence of the palace was threatened when…Read more

View of Sankt Erikplan from Vasaparken

Autumn in Vasaparken, Stockholm

Things to do in Stockholm Wandering around Stockholm’s Vasastan is always very pleasant if you have a bit of spare time. I was doing just that when I decided to “capture the autumn spirit” of the city a few days ago. If you know anything about Stockholm you have probably seen some of the characteristic…Read more

Fersenska Palatset, Blasieholmen, Stockholm

Five Palaces to See On Blasieholmen In Stockholm

Blasieholmen is a little peninsula in central Stockholm from which you have a wonderful view of The Royal Palace. It is therefore located only a few minutes from the Old Town (Gamla Stan) as well as Östermalm which you can read more about on our site. Blasieholmen itself surrounded with many interesting facts. As I…Read more