Some places are better enjoyed during certain periods of the year than in others. That is why in this post, I bring you a selection of places that are definitely most enjoyable in summer. Fountains often form central parts of squares, plazas, and parks in major cities and Stockholm is not an exception. Despite the tradition of fountains in the Swedish capital only dating back to the latter half of the 19th century, today you can find a few in essentially every part of the city.

1. Molin’s Fountain (Molins fontĂ€n)

Molin's Fountain in Stockholm

Molin’s Fountain is the oldest functioning fountain in Stockholm inaugurated in 1873. Truth be told, it is not the first fountain ever built in the city. This title belonged to a fountain, which stood in the middle of KungstrĂ€dgĂ„rden from the late 1600s. The current one standing in the park was originally made of plaster by Johan Peter Molin for the Stockholm Exhibition (StockholmsutstĂ€llningen) in 1866. The bronze replica was made a few years after the exhibition to be but into the park.
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2. ‘The Sergel Fountain’ (SergelfontĂ€nen)

The Sergel Fountain is a colloquial name for the fountain standing in the middle of Sergels torg, which is by many considered to be the very centre of Stockholm. This fountain stood ready in 1968 even before the House of Culture (Kulturhuset), which dominates the big square. It is interesting to know that it is possible to admire the fountain even from the bottom through round windows in the ceiling of Sergelarkaden located under the ground.
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3. ‘The Dandelion Ball’ (Maskrosbollen)

‘The Dandelion Ball’ Fountain in Stockholm

The so-called Dandelion Ball is a fountain at Norra Bantorget, outside one of Stockholm’s most notable ‘school palaces’ Norra Latin. It received its colloquial name thanks to the shape and water effects that clearly remind you of an overblown dandelion. The fountain has been in its place since 1998 and its central location makes it ideal to stop by on your wanderings around the city.
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4. ‘Triton on Dolphin’ (Triton pĂ„ delfin)

‘Triton on Dolphin’ in Stockholm

Triton, the mythological messenger of the sea, can be seen riding a dolphin in one of the smallest parks in the Norrmalm district, Centralbadsparken. What may seem like a private garden at first, is actually a public park easiest accessible from Drottninggatan. The interesting bronze sculpture of the Greek god and a somewhat angry looking dolphin was created in 1923 by the Swedish sculptor Greta Klemming.
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5. ‘Thor’s Fishing’ (Tors fiske)

Thor's Fishing in Stockholm

Thor, the god from Norse mythology probably best known for his typical hammer, is the central character of the fountain located at Mariatorget on Södermalm. The fountain was placed in its location in 1903 after its author, Anders Wissler, had won the architectural competition and finished the complex bronze sculptures.
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6. ‘The Little Triton’ (Lilla Tritonen)

The Little Triton in Stockholm

Another representation of Triton can be found near Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde (Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde) on DjurgĂ„rden. This fountain is known for the fact that it displays the Greek god in an almost identical pose as the Triton Fountain (Fontana del Tritone) in Rome, Italy. However, while the Italian sculpture displays the main character as a grown man, the one in Stockholm shows Triton as a young boy.
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With hopefully more warm, sunny days coming to Stockholm in the next few weeks, fountains are great places to cool yourself down a little while admiring their artistic value. As you can see, they are also usually located at central places, which makes them easy to include on your list of places to explore in the Swedish city on the water.

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