As it turns out, Kungsholmen is an island that has a plenty to offer no matter what kind of attractions you are looking for. I have shown you a few places that you should not miss in the eastern part of the island earlier, and we also looked at the most beautiful waterfront promenades in Stockholm, a few of which are located on Kungsholmen. In this episode of Places of interest, I want to bring a couple of more places on the eastern side of the island to your attention.

1. Stockholm Police House (Polishuset)

Police House in Stockholm

The Police House is a monumental historic site located near the Court House (Stockholms rådhus) on Kungsholmen. Completed in 1911, it was a building that did not follow the contemporary trends as its architect Gustaf Lindgren chose to make the building stand out despite a strong opposition. In current time, the Police House’s exterior has largely original looks despite earlier reconstructions that affected Lindgren’s thoughtful design.
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2. Polishusparken

Polishusparken in Stockholm

Originally, the area between the Police House and the Court House was a street. To our delight, though, it was later turned into a public park where vehicles are not allowed. The park is full of greenery and offers beautiful views of the surrounding historical buildings.
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3. Kronobergsparken

Kronobergsparken in Stockholm

One of Stockholm’s ‘mountain parks’ is located right behind the quarter occupied by the Police House. Since it is on a higher level than the surrounding streets, the park appears to be isolated from the rush of the city while offering you some nice views through the rich greenery. Kronobergsparken is the kind of place that you will not find in every city around the globe, so I truly recommend you visiting it if you get the chance.
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4. Kungsholmens Gymnasium

Kungsholmens gymnasium in Stockholm

If you have read one of my posts on ‘school palaces’ in Stockholm, you know that school buildings in the Swedish capital tend to look way better than you might be used to from other places. Well, this upper secondary school near Kronobergsparken is another one of those that immediately catch your interest. The school building was inaugurated in early 1908 by King Gustaf V himself and the institution has resided there ever since.
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5. ‘Piper Wall’ (Piperska Muren)

Piper Wall's Garden in Stockholm

Photo: Holger.Ellgaard [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

The Piper Wall is a courtyard from the 17th century across the road from the Court House. It is named after Count Carl Piper who acquired it in the late 1600s and a wall built by his wife. What is most likely to impress you at this place is the stunning Baroque garden, which despite being much smaller today than it used to be a few centuries ago, is unusual in Stockholm.
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6. Jakob Westinsgatan

The last stop on our tour is an entire street named Jakob Westinsgatan after the alderman and donor Jakob Westin, who was well known as a collector of books and manuscripts related to the history of Stockholm and Sweden as a whole. The street is about as cosy as it gets and you should also pay particular attention to rich portals on both sides of the street.
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I hope you will enjoy these wonderful places on Kungsholmen and if you would like to see more, simply check out my earlier post on other interesting locations in this area.

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