Unlike many other places in Central Stockholm, Norrmalmstorg Square has changed a lot during the last few centuries. The square has come a long way from the garbage-filled area it once used to be and it has not avoided some dramatic events along the way, which make its story so much more fascinating.

In this episode of Places of Interest, I introduce you to a number of my favourite places at and in the neighbourhood of Norrmalmstorg.

1. Berzelii Park

Statue of Jöns Jacob Berzelius in Berzelii Park in Stockholm

The small park named after the scientist and professor at Karolinska Institute Jöns Jacob Berzelius is on your way presuming you arrive from Blasieholmen, for example, from the Kungsträdgården metro station. Berzelii Park was opened in 1853 in place of a former bay where litter used to be thrown. While today places of this kind might seem common, at the time of its completion, the establishment of this park highlighted an important change in the society as the statue of Jacob Berzelius standing in its centre is the first publicly displayed statue of a scientist in Sweden.
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2. Former Kreditbanken Branch

Former Kreditbanken building in Norrmalmstorg, Norrmalm, Stockholm

The building on the eastern side of Norrmalmstorg is where the former branch of Kreditbanken where the Norrmalmstorg robbery took place in 1973 used to reside. You will not find the bank there anymore but the building itself is virtually untouched. If you are interested in knowing more about one of the most dramatic events in the recent history of Stockholm, read the whole story in the earlier post. Across the road from the square, there is still the kiosk from which the police observed the events of the robbery during its initial stages.
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3. Linderoth’s Clock (Linderoths kalenderur)

Linderoth's Clock in Stockholm

Notice also the unusual clock on the façade of the former bank building. It was built by the firm owned by G.W. Linderoth in 1891 and later renovated in 1977. What makes it so special is the fact that, apart from the time, it also shows the day of the week and the current date. A second hand is very uncommon on such big clocks, too.
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4. Swedish Life Insurance Company

Svenska Lifs hus in Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm

On the northern side of Norrmalmstorg, you will find the house of the Swedish Life Insurance Company (Svenska Lifs hus). It features probably the most decorated façade around and is, therefore, a pleasure to look at. As can be seen over the balcony on the top floor, it was completed in 1900 as the headquarters of the Swedish Life Insurance Company whose name is visible on the building.
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5. City Palace (Citypalatset)

The City Palace (Citypalatset) in Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm.

The City Palace (Citypalatset) was completed in 1932 as a prominent building taking up the entire western side of the square. It is a multifunctional building made of the most modern materials at the time of its construction – marble, glass and stainless steel. To this day, it remains the home of various big institutions and branches of several popular brands.
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6. Norrmalmstorg 4

Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm, Sweden

The building at Norrmalmstorg 4 is the last one at Norrmalmstorg that we are going to explore. Its bright-red façade is the most striking of all the buildings on the list and together with the rich décor, it is, in my opinion, the most beautiful building around. Right outside the house, there is a stop of the tram which can take you to Djurgården.
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7. Royal Dramatic Theatre (Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern)

The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten) in Stockholm

The Royal Dramatic Theatre, colloquially known as Dramaten, resides very close to Norrmalmstorg and it would be a shame to miss it. Hundreds of performances take place every year on the stages of this institution but even if you do not plan to attend any of them, you will still get enjoy the stunning exterior of the adorned theatre building standing in its place since the early 1900s.
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These are the places I think you should see at and around Norrmalmstorg Square in the centre of Stockholm. Of course, being right in the centre you can always discover more interesting places nearby. I warmly recommend visiting Kungsträdgården (‘The King’s Garden’) and the Royal Swedish Opera (Kungliga Operan), as well as the St. James’s Church (Sankt Jacobs kyrka) standing on the southern end of the park.

Do not forget that you can find more inspiration in my earlier episodes of Places of Interest. I hope that you will enjoy your wanderings around Stockholm and that you found some inspiration and useful information in this post.

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