Djurgården is an almost fairytale place located directly in Central Stockholm where you will find a great selection of museums, a plenty of walking paths, parks, and beautiful views. It is absolutely possible to explore the island on foot; however, I believe it is a good idea to have some places you want to visit in mind. Otherwise, you could probably keep wandering there forever. This post is exactly what you need to find a few interesting places to guide your explorations of the Djurgården island so let’s get right to it.

1. Djurgårdsbron Bridge

Djurgårdsbron in Stockholm

Ideally, you will cross the nicely decorated Djurgårdsbron bridge to get to the island. Historically, the bridge is not the first one in the location but luckily, it is much more reliable than most of its predecessors, so you do not need to worry even if you meet a tram crossing the bridge simultaneously with you.

Djurgårdsbron was completed in 1897, just in time for the grandiose Stockholm Exhibition (Stockholmsutställningen). If you cannot remember the date, the bridge itself will help you as the year of completion is displayed on several places. Moreover, notice the pretty lamps and sculptures inspired by bridges in continental Europe while you are around.
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2. Blue Gate (Blå porten)

Blue Gate (Blå porten) in Stockholm

On the other side of Djurgårdsbron, there is the so-called Blue Gate (Blå porten). It is the only remaining gate from the era when Djurgården was enclosed by a number of similar entrances. It was built in 1849 and after several decades of being placed in another location, it was returned near the original place in 1968 thanks to the initiative of King Gustav VI Adolf.
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3. Nordic Museum (Nordiska museet)

Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet) in Stockholm

Not far from the gate you will meet a monumental building, which you will likely notice from afar. It is the building of the Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet) built at the same time as the bridge I mentioned earlier. Although the building is huge, according to the original plans it was meant to be way bigger. Also, do not miss the huge statue of Karl X Gustav right in front of the entrance to the museum.
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4. Villa Lusthusporten

Villa Lusthusporten is a unique 19th-century mansion located across the road from the museum. It is known by different names given after its owners, one of which was Hjalmar Wicander who bought the property in 1898. It was also Wicander who had the house reconstructed to its contemporary appearance.
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5. Italian Embassy

If you follow Djurgårdsvägen or take the tram, you will soon see the building of the Italian Embassy. It is the castle-like building up on the hill where the tram turns around. Obviously, it is not possible to explore the place thoroughly because of its function but it is still a nice attraction to notice during your time on the island.
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6. Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde

Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde in Stockholm

Around the corner from the embassy, the Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde awaits you. Originally, the home of the Swedish Prince Eugen, the complex built in the early 1900s is now an art museum displaying works of the prince himself as well as other artists. The museum is accompanied by a restaurant and beautiful gardens right at the shores of the Baltic Sea, which you do not want to miss. These gardens are also the place where the next attraction on my list begins.
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7. Promenade around Djurgården

Wooden House on Djurgården in Stockholm

Below the hill, on which the aforementioned museum stands, begins the promenade which stretches along most of the perimeter of Djurgården. It is a popular location among the locals where you, too, can enjoy a nice long walk by the sea on a sunny day. As a bonus, it will lead you to more interesting places on the way.
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8. Täcka Udden

Another place on the list which is not quite accessible, but still absolutely breath-taking, is the so-called Täcka Udden located on the cape in the eastern part of Djurgården. This residence built in the latter half of the 19th century keeps its exclusive appearance even at such a special place as Djurgården. Currently, it is used for representative purposes by a handful of financial institutions.
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9. Thiel Gallery (Thielska Galleriet)

Proving my point that it is not hard to come across exclusive buildings on the island is the Thiel Gallery (Thielska Galleriet). The building was originally built as a private residence of the banker and art collector Ernest Thiel. After he had lost his fortune in the early 1920s, the property was turned into a public art museum opened in 1926.
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10. Rosendal Palace (Rosendals slott)

Rosendal Palace in Stockholm

On the northern side of Djurgården, you can find the simple yet magnificent Rosendal Palace (Rosendals slott). The former royal residence was built between 1823 and 1827 during the reign of King Charles XIV John (Karl XIV Johan) after the original building standing in the area had burned down. Today, the palace houses a museum presenting the king’s life and the period during which he lived.
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11. Rosendals Garden (Rosendals Trädgård)

Rosendals Garden in Stockholm

The palace is not standing alone in this part of the island. It is accompanied by Rosendals Garden (Rosendals Trädgård), which is located just a stone’s throw from Rosendal Palace and is the last location on my list. It was also Charles John who was responsible for the foundation of the garden.

He bought the property the year before his coronation and ordered a park to be built there. The park has undergone many changes over the two centuries of its existence and has gone from a colourful garden, through a place exhibiting exotic plants, to a garden promoting biodynamic farming practices, which it remains to be to this day.
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These are my favourite outdoor locations to visit on Djurgården, especially on a nice sunny day. If you keep exploring the island, I am sure you will find more places to your liking. You can then share these with our fellow travellers using our app Trevl or keep them to yourself, your choice!

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