For the fourth year in a row, in 2018, the City of Stockholm brings back the initiative called ‘Living Stockholm’ (Levande Stockholm). Thanks to this initiative, a number of streets around the city are converted into pedestrian zones with temporary benches, greenery, and, most importantly, without cars. In addition to these, a few so-called Pop-up parks appear in different parts of Stockholm.

In this post, I show you where to find these places of summer joy and also why you might want to visit any particular one of them, so let’s get right to it.

Pedestrian Zones

1. Bergsgatan

Bergsgatan in Stockholm

The first pedestrian zone stretches only over a few dozen metres but in a beautiful and peaceful environment right next to the Stockholm Court House (RĂ„dhuset). You can use this place to take a little break after exploring one of the most attractive areas of Kungsholmen or just go straight there for a drink. Because why not?
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2. Gamla Brogatan

Located in the busiest area of the city, the summer pedestrian zone on Gamla Brogatan is a welcome place where you do not have to look over your shoulder to make sure it is safe to pass to the other side. Pick a seat in one of the numerous venues or stop by at a charming boutique to get something nice for yourself or your dear ones to enjoy this place to its fullest.
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3. Hornsbergs Strand

Hornsbergs Beach in Stockholm

Even during the time of the year when there is no pedestrian zone at Hornsbergs strand, this place belongs to my absolute favourites in Stockholm. It combines beautiful modern environment with fantastic sea views, which is a perfect combination if you want to spend an evening out watching the sun fall down behind the horizon.
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4. Norra Agnegatan

If you like the area, but Bergsgatan did not seem quite perfect to you, perhaps you would prefer Norra Agnegatan starting just north of Polishusparken. This area is literally packed with restaurants, so you will never need to worry about going home hungry. Plus in this milieu, the food must taste better than usual.
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5. Norrtullsgatan

Odengatan in Stockholm

On Norrtullsgatan in Vasastan, you will find two different takes on pedestrian zones. Starting north of KarlbergsvÀgen, there is a zone resembling many others on this list waiting for you. South of Odengatan, on the other hand, pedestrians are offered a wider passage on the road in addition to the sidewalk while cars are still allowed to drive by carefully.
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6. Nybrogatan

If you would rather spend some time in the charming streets of Östermalm, the summer zone on Nybrogatan might be a great choice. Here you always get to admire beautiful architecture while walking down the streets and even just the atmosphere itself is indescribable. Take a little detour and explore StrandvĂ€gen on your way home.
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7. Rörstrandsgatan

Facade in Vasastan in Stockholm

Coming to another one of my favourites, Rörstrandsgatan in the most colourful part of Vasastan is a wonderful place for a dinner outside. If you are anything like me, you will never get enough of the beautiful facades in this neighbourhood. Moreover, from here you only have it a short walk to some stunning waterfront promenades where you can take your date after the dinner.
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8. SkÄnegatan

Katarina Södra School in Stockholm

Katarina Södra Skola, Stockholm

One of the liveliest entertainment areas in town is located in the neighbourhood of Nytorget (‘The New Square’) with its own summer pedestrian zone on SkĂ„negatan. If you would like to experience the area even further, I recommend seeing the ‘school palace’ which houses Katarina Södra Skola, or Sofia Church and its neighbourhood on top of the White Mountains (Vita Bergen).
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9. SvandammsvÀgen

Further away from the city centre, near Midsommarkransen metro station, you can also find a pair of summer zones on the same street. SvandammsvÀgen has a somewhat small-town feel compared to the streets in the heart of Stockholm, which might be nice when you are looking for something distinct.
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10. Swedenborgsgatan

Swedenborgsgatan in Stockholm

Although Swedenborgsgatan is the last pedestrian zone on the list, it is one you should absolutely not miss. This zone begins at Mariatorget, a square dominated by an impressive fountain, and stretches over several quarters of apartment houses with beautiful turn-of-the-century facades. Overall, a place I would warmly recommend to a friend every day of the week.
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Pop-up Parks

1. Fatbursparken

Fatbursparken in Södermalm is a park where during the summer of 2018, you can expect a lot of fun activities, a glass kiosk, beach chairs, and more. The park is located in the centre of the island, so it should be easy for you to visit many of the beautiful treasures that Södermalm hides in all its parts if you start in Fatbursparken.
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2. HumlegÄrdsgatan

National Library of Sweden in Stockholm

In case the pleasant HumlegÄrden park is not quite what you are looking for, you might be interested in knowing that there is a pop-up park starting on the south-eastern corner of the park. HumlegÄrdsgatan is well-known as a street filled with boutiques that you can enjoy. In the part closest to the park, you will find primarily elegant fashion for gentlemen.
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3. ValhallavÀgen

As you might know, ValhallavÀgen is one of the major boulevards in Stockholm with monumental tree alleys forming a pleasant promenade in the middle of the street between the roads. It is in this middle area, specifically between Erik Dahlbergsgatan and VÀrtavÀgen, where you would find a pop-up park with views of extraordinary turn-of-the-century architecture.
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These are the summer pedestrian zones and pop-up parks you can find in Stockholm in summer 2018. I hope you will get a chance to spend some time in your favourite ones and enjoy more than a few beautiful sunny days, or charming nights in the streets of Stockholm.

Before you take off, consider sharing this post with your dear ones who would love to join you on one of the summer terraces.

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