Sometimes the weather is nice even in Stockholm and what better way to enjoy it than to spend some quality time at the beautiful green places the city has to offer. Obviously, the selection of parks and gardens in the Swedish capital is rich and diverse but if you are looking for some of the most interesting ones, you came to the right place. In this post, I show you my favourite parks, most of which are close to the heart of the city.

1. Haga Park (Hagaparken)

Echo Temple in Stockholm

Haga Park is the largest of all parks on my list and also the one furthest from the city centre. Apart from extensive lawns and promenades on the waterfront of the Lake Brunnsviken, the park hides many other secrets. There is a large number of interesting buildings to see at Hagaparken including the Haga Palace where the current King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf and his siblings grew up. Because of its immense popularity, it is not the calmest of places, though, which you might want to consider depending on the reasons for your visit.

2. Humlegården

Statue of Carl Linné in Stockholm

Humlegården is one of the city’s historical gardens that have been turned into public parks. The park dominated by the building housing the National Library of Sweden is located near popular meeting points such as Stureplan. There is also a popular children playground and a football pitch so all generations will find something to their liking in this location.

3. Kungsträdgården

Kungsträdgården in Stockholm

Kungsträdgården (“The Royal Garden”), too, was founded as a kitchen garden for the Royal Palace located across the bay. After it was turned into a pleasure garden in the 17th century, it became a popular place for promenades and even a fashion hub where Stockholmers used to show off their latest styles. Today, the park is well-known for its cherry tree alleys on its northern end but those are not the only places worth seeing there.

4. Lusthusportens Park

Lusthusportens park in Stockholm

You can find lots of greenery and calm places with beautiful views on Djurgården but if you do not plan to explore the entire island, I recommend you visiting this park right on the edge of the island facing Östermalm. Here, you can sit down on one of the benches or lie directly on the lawns and watch boats float in and out of the docks.

5. Observatorielunden

Observatorielunden Park in Stockholm

Despite the ongoing reconstruction works, Observatorielunden is a great place for a quick lunch or coffee break. It is located right next to the busy Sveavägen which is the home of many businesses and as such it is not a quiet place. However, you can easily combine it with the visit of other interesting places in the Vasastaden district such as Stockholm Public Library, which is essentially the park’s northern border.

6. Vasaparken

Lekplatsen Vasaparken

Vasaparken is another good tip if you are planning to spend a day with your little ones. Apart from the modern playground and the multifunctional playing field, there are other areas that are much more private and allow you to, for example, enjoy the colourful façades at Sankt Eriksplan.

7. Kronobergsparken

Kronobergsparken in Stockholm

Kronobergsparken is likely the most unique park on my list. Especially if you have not seen any of Stockholm’s similar parks before, this one should be very interesting for you to see. It is one of the so-called ‘mountain parks’ in the city, which were built in places between residential buildings that were not suitable for construction. Thanks to being on a different level than the surrounding streets, the park appears to be isolated from the rush of the city.

8. Rålambshovsparken

The last park on the list is located on the western end of one of my favourite waterfront promenades in Stockholm. Rålambshovsparken offers large open spaces, beautiful views of Riddarfjärden, and even a skate park under the Västerbron bridge. It is also connected to another park, Fredhällsparken, on the western side, which means there is nothing that could ruin your amazing, long promenade across Kungsholmen’s southern parts.

Now you know the best green places to visit in Stockholm and I hope that you will find the time to go and explore all of them. Do not forget that there are other beautiful parks and gardens in the Swedish capital for you to discover during nice spring and summer days.

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