I like to say that Stockholm as a city offers everything you can imagine and much, much more. My friends and family have probably heard me say this dozens of times by now. When it comes to vining and dining, this is perhaps more obvious than anywhere else.

Since I moved to the Swedish capital, I have had a chance to taste countless new cuisines and meals. Sometimes, however, you might not feel like exploring something new. You would rather have the best possible version of something you already know and love. If your “something” is burgers and you want to know where to find the best burger in Stockholm, keep on reading, this guide is for you.

First things first, I must say the selection of burger places in central Stockholm is very rich. Not everyone agrees on what makes the best burger, though, so in addition to my informal ranking, I also present pros and cons of each restaurant and their meals in this post, so that you can choose according to your preferences.

10. Burgers & Beer

Burgers & Beer on Odengatan in Stockholm

Starting from the bottom of my ranking of the top 10 burger places in Stockholm, let me introduce you to Burgers & Beer. A traditional American burger joint with a retro-looking menu resembling those from the sixties. The offering includes a satisfying selection of burgers, some sides and to spice things up, milkshakes with different flavours. The venue I am familiar with is located on Odengatan, just a few minutes’ walk from Stockholm Public Library. It is nicely furnished and welcoming.

Among the biggest strengths of Burgers & Beer, I must name very pleasant service and an unusually generous offering of sides and beverages included in the price of your lunch. There is not only water but also a couple of fresh lemonades to choose from, coleslaw comes with your burger, and coffee or tea is also available. When we visited, we were even offered some complimentary fruit, which was a nice touch.

On a somewhat more negative note, the food itself was by no means bad, yet the best way I can describe it is as “basic.” If you are not expecting your mind to be blown away by the taste of your burger or fries, Burgers & Beer is a very good alternative offering a nice value for the price.

9. Prime Burger

In many ways similar to Burgers & Beer, Prime Burger is a relatively small burger place on Holländargatan near Adolf Fredrik Church (Adolf Fredriks kyrka). While Prime Burger does not offer a large number of complimentary sides, the restaurant has a more elaborate menu featuring cheese fries and other similar treats. Unfortunately, my experience with the fries was disappointing which is why Prime Burger only lands on the ninth spot of the ranking.

My burger was more than decent, though, so my recommendation would be to choose a nice burger and stick with regular fries to get a pleasant experience for a fine price. The environment at the restaurant is cosy and you can also find a large table at Prime Burger in case you come in a larger group.

8. Lådan

Lådan stands out from the crowds as the only place on my list offering sliders in place of standard large burgers. This might be a good alternative for you who would like to try different variants and tastes in a single portion. Their lunch deal, for instance, contains two different sliders plus some sides. Until recently, the deal included some rather unique sweet potato crisps but during my last visit, these seemed to have been replaced by regular fries. I must say, though, they left a lot to be desired.

This restaurant is always a safe choice for larger gatherings as the venue is fairly big and offers enough seats around extensive tables. If you are a believer in big, juicy burgers, however, I suggest you keep reading.

7. Vigårda

Vigårda restaurant, Norrlandsgatan, Stockholm

Similar to a few other places on my list, Vigårda is a local chain of restaurants and the offering differs somewhat from venue to venue. The one I visited, located on the corner of Norrlandsgatan and Mäster Samuelsgatan, offers seating but it still has a somewhat fast-foody feeling being self-service. What I think is noteworthy about Vigårda is their monthly burgers which give you a chance to taste some unusual combinations and new tastes that you would not be able to find elsewhere easily.

Prices at Vigårda are very reasonable and the quality of the food you get is good. You should keep in mind that you will likely need to wait in line to order, bring your meal to the table and clean up after yourself when considering this option, though. All things considered, I would say this is one of your best options for a quick lunch burger in Stockholm.

6. Gnarly Burger

If a big portion is something that gets your heart pumping, Gnarly Burger will not disappoint you. Burgers at Gnarly are larger than average while keeping the quality on par. Fries that you can get as part of their lunch menu are fine but do not expect to be blown away. A pickle that you always get on your plate is a nice touch, although not appreciated by everyone from what I have seen.

Apart from burgers and fries, Gnarly offers a nice selection of beers, both on tap and bottled. Other drinks, such as ciders, are of course also available. Something I did not particularly enjoy was the somewhat overwhelming sweet taste of the sauce in my BBQ burger but your personal preferences might be different.

5. Jureskogs

Jureskogs restaurant on Jakobsbergsgatan in Stockhol<m

Starting the top 5 is Jureskogs and if Vigårda was one of the best options for a quick burger lunch then Jureskogs is the best one if you do not plan to be very creative with the selection of ingredients in your burger. Even though burgers at Jureskogs can get overly greasy, the taste of both the burgers and the fries is usually very good. As in most self-service burger places, water, ketchup and similar are always up for grabs.

When it comes to the offering at Jureskogs, my recommendation would be to avoid the cheapest options and go for something more exciting. While I am not saying that their cheeseburger is bad, you can certainly get that little extra from some other items on their menu and it will not cost you so much more.

4. Phil’s Burger

Phil's Burger on Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm

With a pretty rich menu and coleslaw included on the side, Phil’s Burger is always a good choice for the burger lovers among us. However, it is their Beyond Burger that is the real attraction and that all non-meat-eaters seem to be very excited above. As someone who enjoys juicy beef and that extra bit of bacon, I have not given it a shot yet but I have seen some very enthusiastic reactions to it first-hand.

The service at Phil’s Burger has always been reliable and fast. Somehow even when they made a mistake it made us happy as we ended up with an extra burger for free. It only happened once, though, so do not count on it.

3. Bastard Burgers

Bastard Burgers restaurant on Rehnsgatan in Stockholm

I must say that although I place Bastard Burgers at the 3rd spot, I have somewhat mixed feelings about this place. The quality of their food is what ensured them this spot on my list and if delicious home-made buns, near-perfect fries and delicious melted cheese are what you are after, you should absolutely give them a shot.

The service, however, has been subpar compared to other places I have tried in Stockholm on several occasions. While this makes me hesitate a little when thinking of another visit, I must say, that my last few visits have been pleasant and with the recent improvements in the menu when it comes to fries, Bastard fully deserves number three on my list.

During lunchtime, they offer one burger every day together with fries and a drink for an almost unbeatable price which makes Bastard probably the best option when it comes to the ratio between price and quality.

2. Flippin’ Burgers

Flippin’ is the right choice for all of you who are not willing to compromise on quality and are looking for a retro American joint experience. The personnel can help you choose your new favourite with ease both in Swedish and in English, and customising your burger is never a problem. I would rank their fries as best in town while the burgers are not far behind. They are juicy and delicious with just the right amount of ingredients that play together very well.

The selection of drinks includes the usual stuff like beer and ciders. However, I have heard very positive opinions on their milkshakes which I have not tried myself yet. Flippin’ Burgers is a very popular destination, so my tip is to go rather early if you plan to grab lunch there. If you are not in rush, however, you are more than welcome to wait at the bar with your favourite drink in hand.

1. Barrels Burgers & Beer

Barrels Burgers & Beer in Stockholm

Finally, at the very top of my ranking is Barrels with two restaurants in Stockholm. I believe there are several reasons that make Barrels stand out from the tough competition in the Swedish capital. The service has always been excellent, the environment appears luxurious and the food…

Items on the menu feel just right. The selection of burgers is varied enough, fries on offer probably the most diverse in town and creative monthly burgers are a great touch.

We have not been able to figure out how they do it but the burgers at Barrels just feel very meaty and their beef chilli cheese fries are absolutely amazing. My all-time favourite at Barrels was their Truffle burger which was only on the menu for a month but I had to return several times to treat myself during those few short weeks.

Prices at Barrels are steeper than at many other places but I believe this restaurant is well worth it for occasionally treating yourself to an exceptional experience.

It is soon going to be a year since I started exploring burger places in Central Stockholm and I hope that summarising my experiences in this post will help you make the right decision when choosing a burger joint in Stockholm for lunch, dinner, or an after work.

Let me know what you think of my ranking. Do you agree? Do you think there is another restaurant which deserves to be included? I am looking forward to reading your thoughts.

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