There are very few things so typical of Stockholm as its location on the water and countless docks and canals spread throughout the city. In this episode of Places of Interest, I show you my favourites where you can enjoy a nice walk year-round or spend some enjoyable time in one of the cafés with stunning views of the surrounding islands and boats which belong to the Swedish capital as much as the water itself.

Strandvägen in Stockholm

Strandvägen in Stockholm.

Unlike in most of the previous episodes of this weekly series, you will probably not be able to visit all of the places on my list at once. If you are staying in Stockholm for at least a few days, you should be able to visit as many of these beautiful promenades as you like. Otherwise, you do not need to worry either. I tell you below what is most enjoyable about each one of the locations I included on the list so that you can pick the ones that fit your interests best.

We start in the historical city centre where you will find the most splendid promenades with popular cafés, restaurants, beautiful views of many historic attractions, and more. Historically, these places were often built to showcase the power and wealth of the city and you can absolutely still feel the atmosphere there today.

1. Södra Blasieholmshamnen

The first place on my list is Södra Blasieholmshamnen, the street at the edge of the Blasieholmen peninsula facing the Royal Palace. This location is great for admiring the Old Town (Gamla Stan) and a perfect place for a little break during your city wanderings. Here you can simply sit down on a bench in the dock, watch the city which has been around for many centuries and, perhaps, enjoy a snack to boost your energy before continuing your explorations of the surroundings.
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2. Nybrokajen

On the other side of the Blasieholmen peninsula, you will find Nybrokajen with some iconic views of Stockholm you might have seen in postcards, films and likely in many other places. This promenade is not long but I believe you should get to see the face of Stockholm‚Äôs √Ėstermalm at least once in your lifetime, especially since you are already in the city. Hopefully, you will understand why I say that once you are there. Moreover, the next location is just around the corner.
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3. Strandvägen

Strandvägen in Stockholm

Panorama of Strandv√§gen in √Ėstermalm, Stockholm as seen from Djurg√•rden.

Strandvägen, which is the street you are meant to see from the previous location, is probably the most prestigious boulevard in Stockholm. It was completed in the late 19th century as an exclusive residential area where 5 Р10 room apartments are not unusual and with them costing millions of euros today, I would say the area still keeps its exclusivity.

For me personally, this is one of my favourite promenades in Stockholm and perhaps even one of my most favourite places in the city in general. Although it might appear a bit touristy, Strandvägen is very popular among the locals too, which is something you can clearly see on free days.
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4. Djurgården Promenade

Wooden House on Djurgården in Stockholm

The next promenade is quite a bit different from the previous few. Starting near Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde, there is a beautiful waterfront promenade stretching essentially through the entire perimeter of the island of Djurgården. This natural area also hides many interesting places such as galleries, museums, cafés, castles, you name it. This is definitely the place to go when you want to spend some time in nature and not have to go far from the city centre.
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5. Norr Mälarstrand

Norr Mälastrand in Stockholm

Norr Mälarstrand in southern Kungsholmen in Stockholm

Now to my other personal favourite on the list. Norr Mälastrand, which was meant to be Strandvägen’s counterpart on Kungsholmen, starts at Stockholm City Hall and continues west along Riddarfjärden. It is enjoyable both during the day and at night when you can secretly observe the lights and noises coming from the Old Town from distance.

When I say it was meant to be Strandvägen’s counterpart, it is important to add that this promenade ended up having quite a different feel. It is certainly a bit more relaxed and feels somewhat cosier.

Personally, I enjoy this place the most at night where you can admire the lights coming from the surrounding islands.
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6. Kungsholms strand

Kungsholms strand in Stockholm

Houses at Kungsholms strand in northern Kungsholmen in Stockholm

If you are looking for an even more relaxed atmosphere of a residential area further from the city, you might like the promenade on the northern side of Kungsholmen, Kungsholms strand. Here, it is usually only you, a few joggers and some nice buildings on both sides of the lake including the Karlberg Palace (Karlbergs slott) which looks amazing from the other side of the lake thanks to its extended wings.
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Now, we are switching to modern parts of Stockholm where coasts are surrounded by modern architecture so if that is your thing, these are the places for you.

7. Hornsbergs strand & Kristinebergs strands

Hornsberg strand in Stockholm

View from Hornsbergs strand on Kungsholmen in Stockholm

On the western end of Kungsholms strand, there is Hornsbergs strand. Here, and at its continuation, the Kristinebergs strand, you will find everything that modern parts of the city have to offer. Many of the buildings in the area have been completed during the last few years so chances are that even if you have seen this place before, there is a lot new for you to discover here.
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8. Liljeholmskajen

Sjövikskajen in Stockholm

Panorama of Sjövikskajen at Liljeholmen in Stockholm.

A few similar modern locations can be found in the southern part of the city as well. At Liljeholmen, it is possible to admire the interesting contrast between the old and the new from the modern Sjövikskajen which is just across the bay from Hornstull with many historical buildings and cosy cottages surrounded by the Tantolunden park. Some of the tallest and most impressive skyscrapers in Stockholm can be seen in this part of the city, too.
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9. Hammarby Quay

Residential building in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm

The last two locations on this week’s list are not so far either. At Hammarby quay (Hammarby kaj), you will find both very modern and more traditional architecture. As in the previous case, the older buildings are located on Södermalm on the northern side of the canal while the modern ones are on the opposite side where there are still new houses popping up.

Once you are there, it is interesting to explore the district known as Hammarby ‚ÄėLake City‚Äô (Hammarby sj√∂stad), which is a world-famous example of a modern eco-friendly urban area.
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10. Sickla Canal

Sickla Canal in Stockholm

Panorama of Sickla Canal at Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm.

Lastly, a very interesting area surrounding the Sickla Canal, which is a continuation of the ‚ÄėLake City,‚Äô awaits you around the corner from Hammarby kaj. Apart from amazing modern houses and views of the Sofia Church at the top of the White Mountains across the lake, you will soon find yourself below a ski slope directly in the city. This shall also help you realise that if you think there is anything you cannot find in Stockholm, you probably just have not found it yet.
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I hope at least some of these locations will make it onto your bucket list and that you will get the chance to visit as many of them as you wish. As I have mentioned earlier in the post, I enjoy many of them myself, so I warmly recommend you give them a shot a find your favourites, too.

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