For the third time in a row in our series Stock Photos Weekly, we bring you a couple of images from the Italian metropolitan city of Milan. In this week’s issue, we focus on pictures of modern parts of this otherwise largely historical city. To discover our stock photos of some of the attractions dating back as long as to the times of the Roman Empire, check out Trevl Photos or the previous episode of our weekly series.

Starting from the top, you can see a picture of a business area consisting of a great looking complex of tall modern buildings in the small city part called Varesine next to the business district of Porta Nuova. This area is very interesting due to the proximity of historical attractions and modern, or even futuristic, architecture. You will find the scenery from the picture and sites such as Porta Nuova or Porta Garibaldi from the early 19th century within a few hundred metres.

In a quite different part of Milan, south of the historical city centre, there are two water canals surrounded by restaurants, bars, and other venues. Whereas the previous location was all about business, this place has ‘entertainment’ written all over it. At the shores of one of the two canals, you will also find the modern residential complex so that you do not have it far home after a good party.

We then move to the district called Città Studi, roughly translated as the City of Studies due to the presence of the largest technical university in the country in this district. Apart from the historical school buildings, this part of the city is characteristic by its beautifully colourful terraced houses that form literally entire streets. It is definitely a cosy place to visit.

Finally this week, we bring you a picture of a place that is perhaps not as modern as the others but certainly not less interesting. The auditorium Palazzina Liberty in Musica is located at Parco Vittorio Formentano. The building fits its surroundings so well that it would be a great shame not to have it in our collection.

Piazza Lina Bo Bardi in Milan

Modern urban panorama as seen from Piazza Lina Bo Bardi, Milan.

Viale Cassala in Milan

Modern residential building on Viale Cassala, Milan.

Piazza Ermete Novelli in Milan

Colourful houses as seen from Piazza Ernete Novelli, Milan.

Via Giuseppe Colombo in Milan

Close-up shot of a red house on Via Giuseppe Colombo, Milan.

Palazzina Liberty In Musica, Milan

Auditorium Palazzina Liberty In Musica, Milan.

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