This week in Stock photos weekly we bring you photos from a city other than Stockholm for the first time. Four out of five pictures are from Austria’s capital and as a bonus, there is one from Stockholm’s Skeppsholmen. Vienna is a beautiful city with a very rich history which can easily be seen all around the city. Palaces, gardens and art. That is what made Vienna famous centuries ago and it is what makes it famous today as well.

You can be sure that more photos from Vienna will find their way on Trevl Photos but for now enjoy our picks of this week. Hopefully, you will like them and find them useful when working on your projects. You are very welcome to use these pictures in any work, personal or commercial.

Sankt Maria Geburt in Vienna

Palm House (Palmenhouse) in Vienna

Museum of Natural History in Vienna

Belvedere Palace in Vienna

Svensksundsvägen 17 in Stockholm

That is it for the first issue of Stock photos weekly in 2017. More great content is coming to Trevl in the next few days. To stay updated, check out Trevl on social media especially on Instagram where we post new beautiful photos every day. Most importantly, though, get Trevl for Android to discover and share places beloved by travellers like you. Travellers who enjoy discovering places that other people would not think are interesting.