Visiting a museum or two can be a great way to spend a free afternoon or a day off no matter whether you are in your hometown or thousands of kilometres away. Assuming you pick one that actually matches your interests, that is. Far too many tourists visit popular museums just for the sake of visiting them but in this post, I help you choose the right museum to visit in Stockholm tailored to your interests.

The Maritime Museum in Stockholm

Maritime Museum

Some say Stockholm has the largest number of museums of all cities in the world. Whether this is true or not, the selection is vast and, more importantly, very diverse. Art lovers, history enthusiasts, explorers, tech aficionados, and seekers of top-modern interactive experiences will all find something to their taste in the beautiful Swedish capital.

Generally speaking, the list of the museums is sorted alphabetically but, in some cases, I grouped museums that are in the same location to make it easier for you to plan your perfect day.

1. ABBA The Museum

This renowned museum is dedicated to the world-famous pop band ABBA. Its interactive exhibition has been available to visitors since 2013 and today belongs to the most popular ones in the city.

2. ArkDes

Sweden’s National Centre for Architecture and Design describe themselves as a “museum and a centre for dialogue and debate about the future of architecture and the city.” Depending on the current exhibitions, you will get to see miniature models of public buildings and even entire urban areas, as well as some more courageous designs.

3. Army Museum (Armémuseum)

The Army Museums offers a unique look into the lives of soldiers, their families, and acquaintances not only during wartime. Through historical items and scenes, it presents the history of Sweden since the 1500s to the present day.

4. Bergrummet

Bergrummet is a museum of toys and comics residing at an intriguing location in the hill below Eric Ericson Hall on Skeppsholmen. The new museum promises an unusual experience created by a team of artists and creators involved in the works when turning Bergrummet into reality.

5. Bonniers Konsthall

Bonniers Konsthall is a modern place showcasing contemporary art from both Swedish and international artists. New exhibitions are presented fairly often which makes this a great venue to visit time and again.

Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm

Drottningholm Palace

6. Drottningholm Palace (Drottningholms Slott)

At Drottningholm Palace, you will find more than one museum. In the premises of the main building, you can explore the Reception Halls showing off some of the most impressive interiors in Sweden from different eras.

7. The Chinese Pavilion (Kina Slott)

Located in a remote part of the gardens at Drottningholm, the Chinese Pavilion is impressive by itself. Moreover, it hides a prominent collection of Swedish Rococo furniture and chinoiserie behind its walls.

8. Game Museum (Spelmuseum)

Calling out all fans of Pokémon, Mario, and LEGO is Stockholm Game Museum which regularly organises thematic weekends dedicated to popular games.

9. Gustav III’s Pavilion (Gustav III:s Paviljon)

Open solely during the summer months, the pavilion built for King Gustav III in the late 18th century at Haga Park (Hagaparken) is a foremost example of Neo-Classicist European architecture. In the interior, you can admire the work of leading interior designers of the time.

10. Hallwyl Museum (Hallwylska Museet)

Hallwyl Museum offers a unique look into the lavish lifestyle of Sweden’s richest families from the turn of the century. Apart from the residence itself, there is a vast art collection the original owners left behind.

The Maritime Museum at Museiparken in Stockholm

Maritime Museum

11. Maritime Museum (Sjöhistoriska Museet)

The Maritime Museum is the place where you would find a part of Gustav III’s pleasure yacht, Amphion, as well as other exhibitions showcasing miniature models of boats of all kinds and bringing you closer to the lives of mariners on- and offboard.

12. Mediterranean Museum (Medelhavsmuseet)

In the Mediterranean Museum, directly in central Stockholm, you can immerse yourself into the world of antiquities from areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Exhibitions with items from Egypt, Rome, Greece, Syria, Cyprus, and more await you all year round.

13. Moderna Museet

As the name suggests, this museum presents modern and contemporary art including pieces from renowned authors such as Picasso and Dalí, which are parts of the permanent exhibition. Furthermore, the museum offers numerous temporary exhibitions featuring various forms of contemporary art.

14. Museum of Dance and Movement (Dansmuseet)

At this unique museum, you will find a collection of items and art connected to dance and, more generally, to the concept of movement as such. The museum was created by a passionate art collector Rolf de Maré.

15. Museum of Ethnography (Etnografiska Museet)

The Ethnography Museum tells stories of people with different backgrounds, living in distinct environments, and having diverse backgrounds. All of this from interesting and often unexplored angles.

Norrbro bridge, Stockholm

Museum of Medieval Stockholm

16. Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Östasiatiska Museet)

Explore the past and the present of Far Eastern Countries. If you have ever wondered how paper made it from a new invention to an integral material in our everyday lives, for instance, this is the place that has the answers.

17. Museum of Medieval Stockholm (Medeltidsmuseet)

Stockholm has been the commercial and political centre of Sweden ever since the Middle Ages. But how did a typical tavern, a church, or a boat look at that time? That is what you can find out at the Museum of Medieval Stockholm.

18. Museum of Natural History (Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet)

If you enjoy exploring the secrets of the planet Earth, the universe, and every living thing that occupies it, the Museum of Natural History will not disappoint you. At the Cosmonova theatre located within the museum, you can enjoy some unique films on a range of topics.

19. Museum of Performing Arts (Scenkonsmuseet)

As one of the newest museums in Stockholm, the Museum of Performing Arts blends objects related to dance, music, and theatre into an interactive collection devoted to bringing these arts closer to people.

20. Museum of Photography (Fotografiska)

Fotografiska is an internationally renowned museum displaying many different exhibitions from authors with vastly different styles every year. It is also known for its offering of photography courses and a restaurant with stunning views of Stockholm.

Nordic Museum in Stockholm

Nordic Museum (Nordiska museet)

21. Museum of Spirits (Spritmuseum)

At Spritmuseum you can not only learn about the non-traditional rules that apply to the sale and consumption of alcohol in Sweden but also discover the story of famous brands or unique kinds of spirits during temporary exhibitions.

22. National Museum (Nationalmuseum)

Although the National Museum is still closed for renovation, the time of the grand reopening is quickly approaching which is why I decided to include this museum on my list. Established in 1792, the institution is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe. It holds a sizable collection of art and items from the Middle Ages all the way to the present day.

23. National Sports Museum (Riksidrottsmuseet)

Sports, as we know them today, have a relatively short history. That does not mean our ancestors did not enjoy an occasional game or competition, though. Riksidrottsmuseet is a place where you can learn more about the exciting world of sports from different angles and discover the relations between sports and other industries.

24. Nobel Museum (Nobelmuseet)

Nobel Museum, located at the famous Stortorget, is a museum dedicated to the work of the brilliant inventor Alfred Nobel on the one hand, and to Nobel Prize laureates, their inventions and discoveries on the other.

25. Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet)

Residing in a staggering turn-of-the-century building at the Royal Djurgården, the Nordic Museum is a place where you can discover the history of the North from the early days to the era when IKEA furniture has already become the standard for most Swedish families.

Fountain at Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde in Stockholm

Garden at Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde.

26. Police Museum (Polismuseet)

If you are curious about the functioning of the intriguing world of police, Police Museum might help you learn a thing or two you do not already know. There is also a possibility to explore police equipment and a collection of approximately 50 police vehicles.

27. Post Museum (Postmuseum)

Everything related to postal services and the work or post officers since the 17th century can be explored in Postmuseum. Many exhibitions include interactive elements, so you might even get to try the work on your own.

28. Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde (Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde)

Prince of Sweden Eugen was a passionate painter with a great taste which was mirrored in his tasteful residence on Djurgården. Apart from the interior of his mansion, you can visit the attached gallery which displays works of local authors primarily.

29. The Royal Apartments

A visit to the Royal Apartments in the premises of the Royal Palace of Stockholm is a visit to the past where the monarchs resided in these lavishly decorated rooms. The décor, attention to detail, and spaciousness of the apartments will certainly impress every lover of historical architecture.

30. The Treasury

The Treasury in the cellar of the Royal Palace is where the Regalia is kept. Apart from crowns, there are other invaluable objects on display such as a pair of swords that once belonged to King Gustav Vasa.

The Royal Palace of Stockholm

The Royal Palace of Stockholm

31. Museum Three Crowns

Until 1697, the famous Tre Kronor (‘Three Crowns’) Castle stood in the location of the present-day Royal Palace. Even though most of it disappeared in a fire, you can discover the story of this palace, which, in some way, existed long before the city of Stockholm itself, in this museum.

32. Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities

King Gustav III was known as a passionate art collector and a person who enjoyed many forms of art. His collection of antiquities, often of Italian origin, was first shown in a museum as early as 1794. Combined with the elegance of the premises of one of the Royal Palace’s wings and beautiful views of the yard, this place has the power to please your senses.

33. The Royal Chapel

One of the best places in Stockholm to admire the work of some of the greatest Swedish architects of all time is the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace. Nicodemus Tessin the Younger and Carl Hårleman in cooperation with the foremost artists managed to create a breath-taking masterpiece.

34. The Royal Armoury

The Royal Armoury is where you can find historical ceremonial equipment, costumes, weapons, as well as royal carriages. If you immerse yourself fully into the collection on display, I guarantee you an authentic experience thanks to original clothes worn by several kings on the day of their deaths, among other items. Gustav III’s masquerade costume with a bullet hole, Karl XII’s muddy cap, or Gustav II Adolf’s top with blood stains from the Battle of Lützen are only a few of the things you can see here.

35. Skansen

The oldest open-air museum in the world, opened in 1924, is more than a place where you can see what houses used to look like around Sweden. It offers varying programme depending on the season, a zoo, and more than enough cafés and restaurants.

Sven Harry's Art Museum in Stockholm

Sven Harry’s Art Museum

36. Snus and Match Museum (Snus- och Tändsticksmuseum)

If you are looking for something out of the usual, the Snus and Match Museum might be something for you. Showcasing the industrial side of the Swedish history and the impact of the industry on the society, it is sure to make an impression.

37. Stockholm City Museum (Stadsmuseet)

Stockholm City Museum might be the best place to explore the history of the Swedish capital with all its intriguing stories and historical figures. It is currently closed for renovation, but it will not be long before it opens its gates again.

38. Strindberg Museum (Strindbergsmuseet)

A museum dedicated to the renowned Swedish author August Strindberg is located right in the last apartment where he lived. Apart from the place where he spent the last few years of his life, you can explore Strindberg’s extensive library and related exhibitions there.

39. Sven-Harry’s Art Museum (Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum)

Residing in an impressive modern building, Sven Harry’s Art Museum showcases the private Nordic art collection of Sven-Harry Karlsson, as well as works of contemporary authors during temporary exhibitions.

40. Swedish History Museum (Historiska Museet)

To meet the Vikings, learn about Norse mythology, and much more from the last 10,000 years of Swedish history, you should visit the Swedish History Museum located in a stunning neighbourhood in Östermalm.

National Museum in Stockholm

National Museum

41. Swedish Railway Museum (Järnvägsmuseet)

Would you fancy seeing the world’s oldest operable locomotive? ‘Prince August’ and more than 300 other vehicles belong to the collection of the Swedish Railway Museum. Apart from these, the museum holds a large number of related objects, photographs, and books.

42. Technical Museum (Tekniska Museet)

From mining through model railway to computer games. All of these things and much more are awaiting you at the Technical Museum. You can, of course, try games, tools, and experiments for yourself.

43. Thiel Gallery (Thielska Galleriet)

Set in a beautiful mansion on the eastern end of the Royal Djurgården, Thiel Gallery is recognised as one of the leading institutions when it comes to art from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

44. Vasa Museum (Vasamuseet)

The story of the Vasa ship is one of the most intriguing of all. Made in 1628, the ship sank almost right away on its first journey. More than three-hundred years later it was salvaged and later displayed in a museum of its own. Every inch of the museum was designed specifically to accommodate the ship and the related exhibition which makes it a delight to visit.

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