Stockholm, the proclaimed capital of Scandinavia, is a city unlike any other. Big cities, especially capitals, tend to be unofficial exhibitions of the country’s power and wealth. Displaying majestic palaces where the leaders have resided for centuries, landmarks remembering their biggest victories and biggest heroes, boulevards where all the exhibits can be shown…

Djurgården panorama with the Nordic Museum

Panorama of Djurgården with the Nordic Museum in the background

I would argue that Stockholm is different. That Stockholm feels different. It feels like a place that has truly been built for the people who live there to feel good, to feel home. Of course, like any other metropolis in the world it has variuos faces. The historical city centre with its narrow streets and colourful buildings which look so cosy already from the outside, the nearby Östermalm which is unlike anything I have ever seen and feels like it is not actually real but rather cut out from a movie. Then there are modern residential parts and ultra-modern business areas where some of the world’s most successful and innovative companies operate. On top of all that there is Djurgården. Its uniqueness is hardly possible to describe. It is the ultimately calm place in the very centre of a city with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants. Some of the world’s finest museums such as the Vasa Museum reside there but there is much more to see.

Residential building in Östermalm, Stockholm

Residential building in Stockholm’s Östermalm.

During my last visit of Djurgården I had the pleasure of meeting a young couple near one of the stops of the tram that you can take to get there. They just got off the tram, looked around and then approached me with a set of surprising questions. The discussion went as follows:
“Excuse me, is this Djurgården?” – asked me the gentleman,
“Yes!” – I replied with a smile on my face,
“Is there anything to see?” – the most surprising part came,
“Ehmmm, Yes, there’s the Open-air Museum, the Nordic Museum …” – I named a few attractions that came to my mind quickly.

Eventually the couple asked me if there were any places where they could grab a lunch, thanked me for my help and we all went our separate ways. Our little chat let me thinking though. This is exactly what Trevl aims to do. To tell people about the most interesting places around them that they may want to see selected by their taste. There is something for every one to see everywhere and Stockholm’s Djurgården is not an exception so do not be discouraged if museums, or whatever it is that you hear about first, are not your thing, simply keep looking around and you will find something that you like.

The views from this island are stunning to say the least. Not only these but probably most of the iconic pictures of Stockholm are panoramas of various parts of the city over the water. The fact that the city essentially flows on the sea is in large part what gives it its authenticity. Boats docked everywhere around the islands are a fundamental part of life there just like neatly-dressed people and many cafés where you can enjoy some wonderful time.

Over the coming weeks I will introduce you to more of the secrets and treasures of Stockholm, places you should absolutely not miss once you decide to visit it and reasons why you should do it in the first place. I hope you are already planning to pack your bags but if not stay tuned for more posts to get in the mood.